Rewards & Recognition

Everyone volunteers for different reasons – for some people it’s simple altruism, whereas others volunteer as a way to develop Employability skills which help to make them more employable.

Whether you’ve volunteered for the Students’ Union (perhaps in a sports club or society, or even as a rep or SU Volunteer), or you’ve volunteered in the community, we want to make sure that you’re recognised for the hours you’ve put in.


Benefits of Volunteering

Developing skills

Volunteering gives you practical life skills, as well as helps you develop soft skills which are essential in your working career. These skills enable you to make active change, which can start directly through volunteering. Just because volunteer work is unpaid does not mean the skills you learn are basic. Many volunteering opportunities provide extensive training.

Making changes in the local community

A big motivator for a lot of volunteers is seeing the difference they can make in the local community. Even on a smaller scale, community volunteering can help you think more about your local community and how you can support it, engage and get involved.


Volunteering is an excellent opportunity for you to meet others, feel connected to the community you live in and make a positive impact. One of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to take part in a shared activity together. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to an area.

Engaging with social issues

Volunteering is a really practical way for you to start thinking critically about some of the social issues which people face across the country. Whether that’s a food drive in collaboration with a homelessness charity, going into schools to tackle educational disadvantage, or supporting elderly residents who may be socially isolated, volunteering is a great introduction to these difficult topics and will show you how you can make a difference.



Logging Your Hours

Any volunteering you do through your Students’ Union will automatically be recorded on your Skills Log, within which is a document for you to download with a history of all your extracurricular activity. Don’t forget to also log any external experiences!

For every example logged where you have demonstrated the Employability Skills you will earn a star in that skill.

Keep an eye on your star ratings and see if you can reach Bronze, Silver or Gold level!

See here for more information.