Run Your Own Project

Everyone knows that volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV and develop Employability skills that will transfer into the workplace when you graduate. However, did you know that you can set up and run your own project?

Running your own project will help you develop your project management skills, give you experience of overseeing a committee, teach financial management and help to further your communication and organisational skills. Running a project is a great way to test and enhance these skills in a safe and supported environment.


What you’ll need to do

There are three main steps to running your own project. They are...


How will your project work? Who needs to get involved? Think about every possible factor of the project from start to finish.


Put it all in writing, describing times, locations, people involved etc. What does each step of the process look like?


Once your project is complete, you’ll need to evaluate how it all went. What could be improved if you were to do it again? Are all the steps in place if you were to hand over to someone in the future?

Things to consider

There are a lot of factors to think about when organising a project. Here are just some of the things that should help you with the research and planning elements listed above:

  • What’s the need?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What service do you want to provide?
  • Who are you providing the service to?
  • Will you partner an existing organisation or work independently?
  • Will you be able to involve other volunteers?
  • What skills will your volunteers need?
  • How will you sustain your project or will there be an end date?
  • How will you evaluate your project?

You’ll then need to complete a Project Proposal form and email it to [email protected]. An appointment will then be made to discuss your proposal.


University of Lincoln Students’ Union Volunteering will...

  • Provide a volunteer induction
  • Arrange Committee member training as appropriate
  • Arrange Health & Safety training and  information on Risk Assessments
  • Help you to identify and apply for funding
  • Provide desk space and computer access by agreement
  • Provide advertising support for your project
  • Help you to evaluate your project
  • Be there to support you in any aspect of running your project

For more information, simply contact our Employability team at [email protected]