Indoor Archery Wednesdays 7-10am

Indoor archery session in the sports hall, on Wednesdays 7-10am. While the rule of six is still in place we will be running this as two sessions 7-8:30am and 8:30-10am, with a limit of twelve per a session, since we use the whole hall, two of whom will be committee . Both sessions will be required to maintain social distancing, when entering or leaving the sports hall, with the other session. Target faces will be kept by the individual shooting at it and any shared equipment will be cleaned before the next group enters. As per Archery GB guidance, all present will be required to wear a mask, indoors, while not shooting; 2m social distancing is to be maintained at all times and people can not mix in groups greater than six, so each session will be split into two groups minimum. If a member of one of the sessions develops covid symptoms within a week of their last shoot all of the members in their session will be informed and told to self isolate and get tested. Until a result comes back they are to remain in isolation and will not be allowed to book onto further shoots. Anyone who fails to to inform us or the SU or fails to self isolate risks losing their membership. All members present will be reminded of this at the start of each session

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25th November, 2020


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