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Following their recent SOLD OUT shows in Lincoln, Blurd & Oas-is are back to go head to head once more.

This is one war that has been going since August 1995. Twenty years later the real Blur & Oasis have put the previous rivalry behind the and are even (gulp) discussing collaborations. NOT the tribute acts. Blurd and Oas-is are about to take up the battle once more, go toe to toe, face to face. They will be taking the fight out of the ring, into the trenches and straight to Lincoln.

Blurd - The No.1 Blur Tribute

Blurd play everything you would want to hear and more from Country House to Beetlebum to Parklife and Tender. The same instruments, clothes, quality and stage presence as the original make Blurd one of the leading tributes in the country, of any genre and they are, as far as the official Blur fan club is concerned "Perfecto!". They have been together since 2006 and have playing at some of the biggest festivals in the UK including Isle of Wight. 

Oas-is Official

Oas-is are five Oasis fanatics who live and breathe Manchester's finest band and are dedicated to giving you the best look and sound that you should expect from an Oasis tribute band. They play this from all seven Oasis albums from Definitely Maybe to Dig Out Your Soul. Oas-is are made up of experienced musicians who have toured all around the world and who take great pride in reproducing the classic Oasis sound with frightening accuracy and all the attitude you would expect from the real thing.

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