Sleaford Mods Image

Sleaford Mods

07:00pm | 14+
Sleaford Mods are one of the most important, politically charged and thought provoking duos currently making their mark on the UK music scene and beyond
Showhawk Duo Image

Showhawk Duo

07:00pm | All Ages Welcome (Under 14 accompanied by an adult)
Young British guitarists Mikhail Asanovic and Jake Wright, together known as The Showhawk Duo are coming to Lincoln!
King No-One Image

King No-One

07:00pm | All Ages Welcome (Under 14 accompanied by an adult)
King No-One return to Lincoln with their OOMM Tour!
UB40 Image


07:00pm | 14+
Birmingham's world-famous reggae stars UB40 have announced a massive tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary!
Wheatus Image


07:00pm | 14+
Wheatus are returning to the UK before they head back to the studio to finish their 7th album!
Mint + Support Image

Mint + Support

07:00pm | 14+
Mint are the backstreet exorcism on everything you thought you knew about alternative guitar music!
Fast Love Image

Fast Love

07:15pm | All Ages Welcome (Under 14 accompanied by an adult)
A tribute to George Michael
The Total Stone Roses Image

The Total Stone Roses

07:30pm | 14+
The Total Stone Roses play a set of all the best roses material, meticulous in their re-creation of the material in a live setting.
The Macc Lads Image

The Macc Lads

07:00pm | 18+
The Macc Lads are delighted to confirm they will be playing The Engine Shed, on December 14th as part of their UK tour 2019,it's the first time the band will have played Lincoln and it it promises to be a raucous evening.
Happy Mondays Image

Happy Mondays

06:30pm | 14+
Legendary Manchester band Happy Mondays have announced a marathon twenty-nine date Greatest Hits Tour for October, November and December 2019!