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Kings, Queens and Credit Scores

Workshop 1, for Third Years | The Platform | 24th October | 18:30-19:15
Workshop 2, for Third Years | Advice Centre | 6th February | 18:30-19:15 
Workshop 3, for Third Years | The Platform | 27th February | 18:30-19:15


Setting the scene

The kingdom has gathered around the throne of the red-faced King, and his beautiful wife. You kneel before them, clutching your job application to your chest. The King rises; hushing the crowd with a wave of his hand, locking you with his eyes and asks just one question. ‘And why do you wish to work here?’


What the workshop involves

You're in your third year. Around the corner looms the big bad world. There are a thousand things to get your head around. Full-time work, credit scores, loans. In these final round of workshops we make sure that you're prepared for the wondrous world that awaits when you graduate.

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Lincoln Award

The Money Matters sessions count towards your Lincoln Award. If you want to receive extra credit alongside your studies to make you look much more employable when you leave the University, then click below to find out more.



How to book

Sessions are FREE. To book a place, and enter into our draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher, simply click below. Spaces are limited, so make sure to secure yours as soon as possible.