6 things to do before you go to uni

Of course, we hope you are super excited to kick-start your life at UoL, but don't wish away your looooooong summer just yet.

Here are some top tips of what you should get up to... 


1. Travel

Whether you catch a train to Paris, a cheap flight to Greece or a bus to Scotland... pack a bag, invite your friends and travel. The world is your oyster (or, you know, some other non-gross, non-slimy metaphor... )



2. Explore your hometown

You may not realise it yet, or even wish to admit it, but you are most likely going to miss your hometown when you move away (shock horror! We know!)

So, visit the cafes you always said you would, discover the secret sweet spots only the locals know about and take it all in. 

Oh, and if your hometown is Lincoln, then do the same. Your new flatmates and course mates will love you for knowing the best haunts in this beautiful city.




3. Take a lot of photos

Annnnnnd cheeeese! We know your mind is currently a complicated mix of excited, nervous and impatient (with a little sprinkling of scared) to come to uni, but before you focus on these emotions, live in the moment. You will change and develop a lot over the next three (or more) years, so take a few snaps to capture your pre-UoL self.



4. Spend time with your family and friends

Unless you are fortunate enough to be coming to UoL with your best friend, make the most of this summer together. Go on a night out, have a picnic, or organise a day road trip (YAY! ROAD TRIP!) 

And sure, you may feel you're ready to fly the nest, but if university is your first experience of living independently, your current perspective may change (hello washing pile!) So, profit from some quality time with your family. And no, we don't just mean hand them your laundry...



5. Get prepped! 

Even if you're not a super-organised Monica-esque character, take a little time to get yourself ready for September. We're not talking booklists and study (you've earned your break), but why not learn a few recipes? Get some room decorations to make your halls feel more homely? Or order a railcard if you're planning on using the train a lot?





6. Don't panic! 

So, we've nearly imparted all of our worldly wisdom over to you... but here's a last piece of crucial advice... don't panic! 

The prospect of moving away, making friends and taking on a new academic challenge is daunting, but come your graduation you are most likely going to wonder why you were ever nervous in the first place. 

So, breathe and make the most of it.