9 reasons everyone loves Ikea

Who would have thought a ready-to-assemble furniture store would be so loved... but it is. And fortunately for you, we're taking you on a trip to this wonderful flat-pack land! If you want to come on your VP International's first incredible trip of the year, buy tickets now!


Cool, now that you've done that, here's 9 reasons why everyone loves Ikea.


1. Meatballs? Don't mind if I do! 

If people don't go to Ikea for the thrill of the flat-pack furniture experience, they sure enough go for the meatballs, you can't argue with the facts... Ikea has sold 11.6 billion Swedish meatballs in Britain since it opened in 1987!


2. Sweet, sweet Daim cake...

Oh sweet, sweet Daim cake, how we love you so... thank you Ikea for introducing us to this chocolatey, caramel-y dream!


3. Ok, it's not all about the food! 

IKEA. SELLS. EVERYTHING. Including these weirdly wonderful wooden figurines that play about on the shelves...


4. And we get to play too! 

Let's face it, IKEA is basically an adult's playground. Unlike your usual look-don't-touch showrooms, in IKEA you can sit at the desks, lounge on the sofas and even climb the mini ladders on children's bunk beds (you know you've done it...)



5. Then there's the warehouse...

If you haven't had enough of playing in the store, you then make it through to the warehouse... aka playground no. 2! There's nothing better than sitting on those trolleys and being pushed around those isles. 



6. They're pretty great on equal rights too. 

Their food is great. Their store is great. Their furniture is great. And so are their values... in 1994 IKEA was the first company to launch a TV ad featuring a gay couple, completely breaking down barriers. Yes Ikea!


7. And our favourite furniture store doesn't stop there...

IKEA are aiming to have a 50/50 split between males and females in leadership positions. At the moment half of its workforce is female with 48% in a management roles. Whoop whoop!



8. As if they weren't great enough

They're environmentally conscious too! Our Swedish friends have invested in wind farms in Finland, has 'Second Life for Furniture' recycling schemes and owns forests in Romania to promote sustainable wood. 


9. And last but not least... we love the FREE PENCILS!

Admit it, we ALL have returned home with slightly more than our fair share of tiny free pencils in our pocket. They're just so damn cute! How could we resist?


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If you haven't done ALL of the things on this list, then grab your friends, free up the 29 September and come and play with us at IKEA!! 

Buy tickets now!