Freshers survival guide

You've got a friend in me 

Despite its ups and downs, Woody and Andy had one of the closest friendships out there... 

You are more than likely to make friends for life at university. However,  it is completely fine if you don't develop a beautiful and emotionally charged friendship, worthy of an award-winning Disney screenplay within the first few weeks of university!

There isn't a deadline to making friends. Take your time, find people who you really gel with and don't worry if you move through different crowds during your UoL experience. 



Freshers week!

What image just popped into your head?

Alcohol? Clubs? Sleepless nights?

This isn't everyone's Freshers experience and it doesn't have to be yours if you don't want it to be.

Freshers Myth Buster time!

1) Every event is not alcohol-based. There are a variety of activities and events throughout the week suited to all tastes. Check them out here.

2) You don't have to follow the crowd and do as everyone else does - especially if it makes you uncomfortable. 

3) It's ok to have a night off or a night in. Take some time to yourself during Freshers if you need. 

The point of Freshers is that you are finding your feet among a whole hoard of people who are also doing the same.  If drinking isn't for you, find those that are happy to spend a Saturday night among rollers and bubbles (or, you know, an alternative activity of your choosing!)



It's the final countdown

You're given an assignment. You're given a deadline. What do you do? 

Procrastinate. Procrastinate. P. r. o. c. r. a. s. t. i. n. a. t. e. 

Wrong answer!

Start work when you get it, instead of leaving it to the last minute. 

Top tip: Set your personal deadline to a few days / a week before the actual deadline and you will feel much more relaxed.



I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need

Money doesn't grow on trees. No, don't give us the whole 'trees-make-paper-so-technically-make-money' argument! We were speaking metaphorically...

For the majority of you, university is the first experience you'll have of managing your own finanaces and we readily admit that budgeting isn't always simple. So, here's a few things you can do to make it easier. 

  • The convenience cost - we all live in a convenience culture. It's easy to pick up a meal deal, hop on a bus or have our food-shop delivered, but are these all necessary things to do? Could you cook? Walk? And go shopping with friends instead? Think about your spending habits and try to cut back on conveniences. £3 meal deals add up - even if that sweet chilli wrap is calling your name!
  • Cash is the key - This one's much easier to do than trying to change lifelong habits. Rather than using your card, get money out. You become much more aware of how much you have and how much you are spending - especially on a night out!
  • Ask for advice - The Advice Centre has professional, trained Advisors available to talk with you about any financial concerns. Don't hesitate to get in touch.