Green Impact

At Lincoln Students' Union we are dedicated to reducing any negative impact which our activities may have on the environment. We also recognise the importance of students working together with the local community to be advocates in the fight for a healthier planet.

10 things we have achieved this year on our journey to become more sustainable:

1. The student body elected the first ever Vice President Campaigns and Environment therefore making it a firm priority within the Student Leader team to represent students on environmental issues.

2. Implemented reusable cups in our weekly club night event to reduce our plastic waste.

3. Replaced all light bulbs in our Students' Union building to LEDs to reduce energy use.

4. Created a new menu in our Tower Bar which is locally sourced.

5. Ensured that all takeaway boxes from Students' Union eateries are eco-friendly.

6. The Environmental Officer hosted the first Enviro-Fayre event which brought together different groups within Lincoln Students' Union, University of Lincoln and the local community, which encouraged networking and the chance for collaboration in the local community to tackle climate change.

7. Created an Environmental Report from over 120 pieces of student feedback which highlighted more which the Students' Union and University of Lincoln could do to be more sustainable.

8. The volunteer roles called 'Environmental Champions' were created across the Students' Union, who work to make their departments more sustainable. 

9. Most departments in the Students' Union avoid using paper, instead using technology where possible.

10. Plastic straws are no longer available from Students' Union venues.

Eco Award

Live more sustainably. Reduce your impact. Save the planet.


How can you get involved?

Campaigns Network 

Environmental Campaigns Group

"As the Environmental Campaigns Group we want to encourage students to challenge themselves when it coms to behaving and living sustainably and responsibly. As a community, we can cut down on single-use waste and campaign for stricter policies. Every student can do their bit to clean up the environment!" 
- Jacob Ford, Environmental Officer

You can find out more about them by clicking here.



E.C.O Society

“Our purpose is to promote and raise awareness about sustainability, we're involved in local activities, organise talks and social events, as well as raise money for environmental causes”
- E.C.O Society

Find out more about the E.C.O Society here.


Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society offers an amazing opportunity for students at the University of Lincoln; with focus on fundraising for endangered animals – both local and worldwide!

Find out more about the Wildlife Conservation Society here.

What's going on in the local community?