Burn Baby Burn!

As much as we might love dancing away to The Trammps’ Disco Inferno, we’re not as enthusiastic about power plants burning unnecessary fossil fuels to generate energy that we don’t need.

Why are fossil fuels so damaging?

To create electricity, most power plants burn fossil fuels, whose by-products damage the environment.  Carbon dioxide in particular absorbs the sun’s warmth when released into the air and retains heat in our atmosphere.

And when sourcing fossil fuels from the earth, eco-systems can be harmed in the process.  So, though burning fossil fuels is a relatively inexpensive method, it comes at a much greater price.

However, we can all do our bit to MAKE A CHANGE.  When reducing your energy consumption, you reduce the amount of toxic gases released into the air and protect ecosystems from destruction.


So, how have we made a change?

Wind Turbines

Lincoln Students' Union and University are powered by more than 10% renewable energy


All printers go to sleep after no use

Paper stack

We encourage everyone to be economical with their printing

On Off Switch

We have implemented a Switch It Off campaign

It’s a great step in the right direction, but we want to make leaps and bounds, so if you have any ideas about how we can reduce our energy consumption further, please send them our way: www.lincolnsu.com/suggestions