People Power

People make the world go around!

If you want to make the world a cleaner place, you’ve got to get your hands dirty.


Over the past few years we’ve been setting up different projects, engaging people in volunteering opportunities and getting involved ourselves in a variety of sustainability ventures.


Want to see what we’ve been up to? Take a look!

Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year, the Campaigns Network here at the Students’ Union provide students and staff with the chance to get involved in several Volunteering Opportunities. Although not all of these opportunities are sustainable initiatives, a lot of them are!


A key green opportunity offered is the Student Pipeline Ambassador role, which works in conjunction with Anglian Water promoting its Keep It Clear programme. The programme works with communities to make people aware of the biggest causes of blockages in pipes.  Student Pipeline Ambassadors are therefore responsible with spreading the word and making a CHANGE.

Make a Difference Week


If we're going to make a difference, we're going to do it with attitude! The premise of this week is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a whole week dedicated to making a difference – who’d have guessed it?!


Every year, Lincoln SU Campaigns Network organise a week of events full of community volunteering opportunities, with our standout event being the Brayford Pool Clean Up. Not sure what the clean up is? Picture a hoard of students and staff dressed in waders and Hi-Vis jackets pulling gunk out of the Brayford. It gets messy!



Community Collaboration


As a Union we want to make sure that students and staff alike are invested in their local community.  Through projects like the Brayford Pool Clean Up and the Hill Holt Wood Greenhouse Project, we’ve managed to achieve this. The Greenhouse Project was a one-off project, where a group of students and ULSU staff collected mounds of 2 litre plastic bottles for Hill Holt to use to build a sustainable greenhouse. Students in Junxion even set up their own collection bin! 



New Environmental Society


We have a brand spanking new environmental society. We thought we'd let them tell you themselves what they get up to:

"We are here to MAKE A CHANGE! As a society, our main goals are: making the campus more environmentally friendly, increasing species' diversity and richness and raising awareness of our impact on the world. We plan for lots of voluntary work and trips around the UK to encourage people to think more about the environment. We welcome anyone with a passion for this (student or not) and hope to work as a community to MAKE A CHANGE."

We’re always trying to think of new projects to get involved with, so if you know of any please let us know: