International Students’ Association

Hi, I’m Shazeda and I am your ISA Officer.

I’m elected to represent international students and this year, with my committee I am going to encourage culture and diversity across campus, campaign on issues international students face at university and make changes which helps provide a more welcoming feeling.. My role within your Students’ Union is to collect feedback from you, the students, to make an impact on and off campus, so please let us know your experience as a University of Lincoln student and how we can support you! You can become a member of ISA for free by clicking the ‘join’ button below. By becoming a member you will get the opportunity to support our campaigns, take part in our future activities and will be asked to give feedback to make change on campus.

Here's the ISA committee

Aisha Saghir Secretary
Sunitha Lazarus Social Secretary
Harsha V R Obulapuram Venkata Buddies Lead
Akvile Zakarauskaite EU Rep
Daria Suciu Communications Lead

Interested in being part of the committee? Let us know through our social media pages or by emailing us.

What to look forward to this year!

Monthly ISA Hubs

ISA Buddies Socials

Diwali, Lunar New Year, and more celebrations.

International Quizzes, Game Nights and Movie Nights

Contact Us:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @isa_ulsu 

Instagram: @ulsu_isa 

Facebook: ulsuisa 


International Buddies