The Careers & Employability Centre provides free services for employers. 


Vacancy Advertising

To advertise positions for students including part-time roles, placements or summer jobs via the Student Job Shop, please visit our Vacancy Site or send an email to our Careers & Employability team at [email protected]  

All employers wishing to advertise with the Student Job Shop must adhere to our Vacancy Handling policy. Please ensure you view this before sending details of your vacancy. The Job Shop cannot advertise vacancies that do not meet National Minimum Wage requirements (see below for advertising unpaid work experience). 

If you do not specify a closing date on your vacancy form the advert will remain live for a four week period unless you contact us to say that the vacancy is filled. After four weeks the advert will automatically be removed.


Unpaid Work Experience 

If you would like to advertise an unpaid opportunity that is exempt from National Minimum Wage legislation please read our Vacancy Handling Policy and complete the Unpaid Opportunity Form and email it to [email protected] 


On Campus Employer Events

We run an annual Careers Fair and employer networking events which you can are welcome participate.  Contact the Careers & Employability Centre and we can arrange for you to meet groups of students or run a workshop or a bespoke event relevant to your requirements.


Interview Space

For a large recruitment drive or just for convenience the Careers & Employability Centre can organise for you to use our professional facilities on campus.


For any further enquiries please contact the Careers & Employability Centre: [email protected] 

For Graduate Employment assistance and advice please visit the Careers and Employability website at www.uolcareers.co.uk/employers

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