Humans of LGBT+

Meet the humans behind LGBT+ and find out just what it all means to them.



Being LGBT+ means being part of a group where I am free to love who I want without fear of judgement or discrimination. It is where I became confident and comfortable in my sexuality and has shaped me into the person I am today.





For me, it's about not feeling so alone. When you're a kid, you feel like you're Tigger, cause you're the only one. Turns out, you're not. People have been queer since the dawn of time and you deserve just as much happiness as any other decent member of society.





Being a part of a community that is much bigger than me. Educating and showing the world that we are human and we are valid.






It's comforting knowing there are other people like me that understand my struggles with coming out and being out.






Being LGBT means a community, a big family that understands each other, that helps each other, and looks out for each other.






LGBT+ is a community, a group of people unapologetically themselves, unafraid, and happier that way. To me being queer is to mess with binaries, to question the system, to be me and nothing less. We deserve to be proud, we deserve to be happy, and down with anyone who says otherwise.




For me LGBT+ means family. It means having a place to go without the fear of being judged.







Being LGBT means being in love, and feeling safe being in love. 






For me, it’s being unapologetically yourself.







LGBT+ to me means the freedom to be who you are without fear.







Being LGBT+ means love and understanding.





Being LGBT+ means a wide range of things to a wide range of people. The UoL LGBT+ Campaigns Group is constantly working to discuss, raise awareness and create an understanding of LGBT+ issues. 

Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of gender or sexuality so, if you wish to know more about the community, please contact: [email protected]