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The All Student Members Meeting (ASM), Hosted by University of Lincoln Students’ Union will be taking place on 31 October 2019 at 3pm in MB0312, so you can have your vote.

Key things that we want to get student’s opinions on are:

-              Our affiliation status with NUS

-              How we fund Sports and Societies

-              What you want your Students’ Union to work on over the next 4 years


Proxy voting will be allowed at the discretion of the Union Chair, who has decided to accept proxy votes and apologies from students who sit on a Sports, Society or Academic Society Committee, who are elected Course Reps, who are Voluntary Officers, who are elected members of the Campaigns Network or ISA, and those who are Student Led Project Leads.

These proxy votes will not count towards the quoracy of the ASM.


Please send any proxy votes to [email protected]


To find out more about the ASM and join the event, please click here.

Please see below for documents related to the ASM:

2. ASM Minutes 04.02.2019

5.1 Additional Papers - JD VP Education 2021 (Final)

5.1 Additional Papers - JD VP Postgraduate & WBDL 2021 (Final)

5.1 Student Proposal - Student Leader Restructure

5.1 Additional Papers - JD VP Activities 2021 (Final)

5.1 Additional Papers - JD VP Campaigns & Environment 2021 (Final)

5.1 Additional Papers - JD VP Wellbeing & Community 2021 (Final)

5.2 Additional Papers - ULSU Bye-Laws 6.2 (tracked)

5.2 Approval Of Bye-Laws

5.3 Student Proposal - Validation of the Board of Trustees NUS decision - Paper 5.3
6.2 Additonal Papers - Consolidated Financial Statements 2019

All Student Members Meeting Agenda