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Abi and Georgia have been conducting focus groups with students, to facilitate discussions and gather feedback on how the Students’ Union and the University can improve its services and activities to become more inclusive to those students from a BAME background.

Key trends from the BAME Focus Groups have been noted below, addressing how we are working with this feedback:

  • Feedback: To address initial first impressions and visible identity of those who identify as BAME. For example, addressing the assumption that all members of the BAME community are black, some white students from minority groups also face discrimination (for example the Jewish community).

    What has been done: This has been extremely interesting and we now have our BAME Officer, President of ACS and Jewish Society and our ISA Officer all sit on our BAME Working Group. This working group will be making recommendations to the Executive Committee throughout the year.


  • Feedback: To consider the terminology of ‘BAME’ and consider different groups as opposed to using an umbrella term.

    What has been done: Sade, our BAME Officer, is conducting campus wide student feedback around the terminology BAME. This student feedback will be reviewed and a decision will be made by our student population.


  • Feedback: Accessibility, for example: raising awareness of cultural practices.

    What has been done: Amina is currently working on a calendar project to display as many cultural holidays and celebrations from all faiths and cultures to be widely accessible on campus.


  • Feedback: Consideration into the planning and running of awareness/celebration events, such as Black History Month.

    What has been done: The Student’ Union has provided a full staff support network to our BAME Campaigns Network Group around organising events for BHM. In addition, we are working with Ben Amin at the University to build upon the Universities BHM programme. Sade, our BAME Officer, has been fantastic and as well sits on our Board of Trustees who provides a pivotal Black student representation for all large decisions.


  • Feedback: Consideration into further training and education, such as Unconscious Bias and use of language.

    What has been done: All Lincoln SU Staff have completed in depth Race Equity Training on the 15/09/2020, we have adapted our compulsory Lincoln Together Training for our committee members around all elements of inclusivity including race, LGBT and disabilities.


  • Feedback: Tackling hate crime on campus.

    What has been done: We are working with Student Support ready for Hate Crime Awareness Week which is during Welcome Week. To work with them on their events, promotional materials and work with SU Marketing to see what Hate Crime reporting materials we can put out on social media too.


The Students’ Union recently made five commitments to the student body, to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

For all our updates on the five commitments, please visit our BAME page here.


Get Involved with the Next BAME Focus Group

If you want to get involved and provide feedback yourself, the next BAME Focus Group is taking place 30th October, 1pm. To take part, email [email protected].

Alternatively, if you don't feel comfortable providing feedback within the BAME Focus Group, one to one's can also be arranged through email.