Hey everyone,

By the time you are reading this it will be November and that would mean Black History Month (BHM) is “officially” over, but don’t fret as this doesn’t mean we will stop celebrating and educating people on Black History; the BAME committee will continue celebrating/educating people on Black History as well as every marginalised groups history, such as if you are South Asian or Jewish.

Firstly, I want to say how proud and happy that BHM has gone so well within the past month, from committees such as Women’s and LGBTQ+ posting content about significant Black people as well as societies like ACS and Blackfeministsociety creating activities and posts! Everyone’s contribution to the month has been needed and greatly appreciated. Also, a massive thank you to you guys who continually showed support and engagement through the whole month, with the contents posted as well as the activities that were running, such as the Virtual book club and the screening of “US”, the BAME committee is very grateful for this as it shows we are doing something that you as students/staff seem to enjoy.

Now you are probably asking, What’s next? Well, the BAME committee have a lot planned this year from the changing of the name “BAME”, to celebrating special events like Chinese New Year, Diwali etc., as well as continuing to educate people on marginalised groups' histories and culture, as bringing awareness and inclusivity to these topics are very important to us as a campaign network.

If you do want to get in touch with, me my email is [email protected]. To catch up on what the BAME committee is doing, our socials are @bame_ulsu


Sade Sekoni – BAME Officer