A Statement from your Student Leaders

As a Students’ Union, it is our role to represent every student at the University of Lincoln. For that reason, we felt it pertinent to make a statement following the appalling murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis on the 25th May.

This SU has always been and will always be an advocate for diversity, welcoming and supporting students of all races. We also acknowledge the existence of institutionalised racism through society and this team continues to work every year to combat this in Lincoln. It’s important to us that we raise the voices of our black students and make sure that their student experience is equal to that of white students.

It is important for all members of the Lincoln community to feel safe and supported, and to know that they are surrounded by allies within the SU, university and student-body.

We also want to assure all of our students that we have a zero-tolerance policy on any and all hate crimes committed on-campus or across Lincoln. If you are a student who has been the victim or a witness to a hate crime; report this immediately to the police, in the first instance. If you do not feel confident in reporting an incident to the authorities, this can also be done via the University's Hate Crime Reporting Centre here.

Lastly, it’s important that we work together; to learn, grow and advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement to create positive change for black people in Lincoln and globally. We want all students to feel comfortable talking to us about their experiences as a student or injustices they might have faced. You can contact all of our Student Leaders at the contact details listed here or contact our BAME Officer on [email protected]