This Week’s BUCS Fixtures

As we edge closer and closer to our annual Varsity tournament, get to know your Students' Union teams, get some practice in, warm up your quack whistles and bang bang sticks, and drop by to watch some good old fashioned sporting action.

Here's a look at what's to come on Wednesday 15th Feb, 2017.


Lincoln     Opponent Venue Start Time
Badminton Women's 2nds v s Bedford Women's 1sts Sports Centre 13:00
Basketball Men's 1sts v s Coventry Men's 1sts Sports Centre 20:00
Basketball Women's 1sts v s UC Birmingham Women's 1sts Sports Centre 17:30
Football Men's 3rds v s Aston Men's 2nds Washingborough Sports Ground 13:00
Rugby Union Women's 1sts v s Coventry Women's 1sts Lincoln Rugby Football Club 14:00
Squash Men's 1sts v s Derby Men's 1sts Sports Centre 14:00
Badminton Women's 1sts v s Nottingham Trent 1sts Sports Centre 13:00



Football Men's 2nds v s DeMontfort Men's 3rds
Football Women's 1sts v s Cardiff Women's 1sts
Football Women's 2nds v s Aston Women's 1sts
Hockey Men's 1sts v s Aston Men's 1sts
Hockey Women's 1sts v s Oxford Brookes Women's 2nds
Lacrosse Men's 1sts v s Northampton Men's 1sts
Lacrosse Women's 1sts v s Nottingham Trent 2nds
Squash Women's 1sts v s Derby Women's 1sts
Netball Women's 1sts v s Warwick Women's 2nds
Rugby League v s Birmingham 1sts



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