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A group from the University of Lincoln Cycling club has raised £200 for the charity Mind with a Coast to Coast Challenge.

In late September, a group from the University of Lincoln Cycling club set off on a coast to coast cycle from Morecambe to Bridlington, following the Way of the Roses cycle route. The route covered over 170 miles going through sections of the Yorkshire Dales and Nidderdale AONB. The group chose to support the charity Mind due to the importance of promoting a positive message behind mental health and the options available to those going through issues with their own mental health.

Read the teams summary of how they got on:

"We started off the ride already an hour off schedule in the early hours of the morning in Morecambe, luckily the ride started off dry. This quickly turned, almost poetically the second we started moving the rain begun. Twenty minutes into the ride the heavens opened and we saw our first glimpse of the flooded roads that would become an issue later on during the day. 15 miles in already soaked through the team hit the first few of the hills that would define the first half of the ride, the worst of which would be the climb out of the small picturesque town of settle with ramps up to 25% gradient.

A short but picturesque roll into the first café stop of the day to assess the damage, luckily the main issue was the temperature and once warmed up and after a quick full English morale boost the whole team was ready to roll out again.

Another 30 miles of intense hills followed testing the morale of the team as the weather begun to let off for a moment. After the main hilly section the team had climbed an overall elevation gain of over 9000 ft (2743m), rolling into the town of Ripon for the second food stop after the bulk of the hills at mile 90, one of the hardest parts of the day was over.

What followed was the most logistically difficult part of the ride, the night portion just before rolling into York the heavens had fully opened, tyre grip was at a premium and now the sun had dipped below the horizon. A quick call into the support crew was required as lights were beginning to run out of battery with 20 miles before the next stop… No luck, there was no way for them to reach us within the hour, we set back off with only 2 working lights.

Just before we took our final stop for food we hit a section of dirt track approximately 2 miles long the rain still persisting. Clearly this track was unfit for road bikes, but we persevered, the rain, wind and crashes hadn’t stopped us previously so a little bit of dirt wouldn’t be a problem. Surprisingly morale was at an all-time high, only one rider fell into trouble on the dirt track losing grip and coming off their bike just after explaining just how “great it was riding on the grass section” of the dirt track, quickly hopping back on the bike it was only a short spin to the final rest stop of the ride.

We hit the final big climb for the day with only two working lights remaining and losing power quickly only one rear light working now, we crested the top of the final climb only to discover one of the team had a flat tyre. After trying to replace the inner tube to no avail we had to contact the support van… The support van was in bridlington on dangerously low diesel trying to locate a 24 hour petrol station. The team stuck on the top of the hill at 1am uncertain about the feasibility of the rest of the ride had to make a snap decision. Risk being stranded somewhere in Driffield with no support crew or sort out the support crew issues and unfortunately call an end to the ride. 

Although we may have failed on this occasion the team showed an immense level of endurance and mental fortitude that is admirable and speaks volumes of the characters behind this charity ride and the charity we have chosen to support: Mind the mental health charity. We want to thank everyone who has donated and supported thus far. To date we have raised £200 and we hope to raise far more over the course of the academic year."

Well done to everyone involved!

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