Go for Gold!

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From volunteering in a charity shop to taking on a wild country expedition, UoL student, Caitlin Durrant, has well and truly thrown herself into every activity to secure her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.


Having achieved both the Bronze and Silver levels at secondary school, Caitlin wished to complete the trio before she graduated from university. We asked her a few questions about the whole experience: 

Why did you get involved in the Award in the first place?

"It was such a wonderful opportunity to help you gain a variety of new skills and help you stand out on your CV."

What was your biggest achievement throughout the Award?

"By far the biggest achievement in this award was the expedition. After hours of hiking, the views were breath-taking. To survive alongside your team through what the weather threw at you may have been hard, but so worth it. You gain friendships which can last a lifetime."

How do you feel now you've completed the Award?

"I personally feel incredible! This award has helped me to gain in confidence in both myself and my achievements as well as even in my degree. All the skills you gain are so useful for future careers. I now feel I can go into the job market and display my skills through this award. It impacts on your life massively."

Caitlin truly went the extra mile in every activity. Rather than just volunteering for up to 12 months, she has continued working in the charity shop for the past five years. Rather than simply completing the required five days and four nights residential, she volunteered for an incredible four weeks on NCS' summer programme. And what's the moral of the story? All her inspiring efforts have ensured she's walked away with the Gold. 

If you would like to take part in DofE, email [email protected] to find out more or to arrange a meeting about the Award.