Handball’s Most Successful Year!

We love celebrating success here at Lincoln SU, and we’re super excited to share the incredible season that Handball has had throughout 2016/17.

Here’s Handball Social Secretary, Matthew Barrett’s, sharing this year’s wins:

Lincoln SU’s Handball Club officially won the league for the first time in the club’s 9 year history, with 9 wins and 1 loss (bearing in mind we have been playing in a Men's league not a university league)! This season saw us do the double over teams like Loughborough and Birmingham, as well as a crucial home win over Warwick, who were placed second (Loughborough and Warwick both got to the Cup Final of UniChamps).

We have managed to form 2 men's teams this year and had both teams reach the quarter finals of the University Championships, qualifying in Nottingham and then Gillingham for the finals.

Last year we only had about 15/16 members, this year we've gone up to 38! We've taught all of our members how to play and seen the club grow amazingly! The club has been doing live streams of our games for people to watch and we've also shown our support for an Italian team when the earthquakes hit a University over in Italy earlier this University year (as one of our members used to attend the university when he was younger).

Our coach, Martine Hobæk, is also a student here at the university. She takes time out of her schedule to train our Men's teams. She is also the only female in our society and this being her first year as our coach has seen us win the league – the team would never have done it without her! She has inspired our club to a whole new level!

It's a huge accomplishment for the club to be a Uni team and top a non-uni league! The club has definitely had its most successful year! 

We at the SU would like to add a massive congratulations to the Handball team, and hope that success rockets you into 2017/18!

If you have a success story you’d like to share, be sure to get in touch. Just shoot an email over to communications@lincolnsu.com and tell us what you’ve been up to!