Improving YOUR Campus

Ever felt like you need more space in the Library? Struggling to find spaces to suit your learning needs across campus? Well, your VP Academic Affairs has been looking into Lincoln’s learning spaces, and it turns out: you’re not alone.


What is the Learning Spaces survey all about?

John-Paul Dickie, your VPAA, launched his ‘Learning Spaces’ survey at the tail end of 2016, asking Lincoln students a number of questions aimed at discovering what people thought of the current spaces available to study, revise, and learn on Lincoln’s campus.

In short, learning spaces refers to the facilities available on campus that enable you to study and revise. They could be anything from the Great Central Warehouse Library, to the Minerva Atrium, dedicated facilities for University of Lincoln Students.

During the survey, an overwhelming 3,022 responses were gathered – 22% of the student population! – giving us an in-depth look into what issues you are currently facing when it comes to spaces to suit your academic needs.

It is with this evidence that we can look and see how changes can be made on campus.


What did we discover?

Well, firstly, boy do you guys like to study!

Kidding aside, here’s a quick overview at some of the headline stats we gathered from your responses:


of you do university work on campus


study in the library


choose silent study spaces


specifically reference GCWL when asked how they would improve existing campus learning space


agree lecture and seminar spaces are fit for purpose


Boy, there’re some big numbers there…

So, we can see straight away that, though the Library is the #1 place to study on campus, more than 2/3rds of you say that the Library needs to improve to encompass your academic needs.

In fact, a few of you even noted that you see the Great Central Warehouse Library as the ‘only space’ available for you on campus.

Amongst some of the other data, we also found constant references to: opening hours of University buildings, making more printers available, improving methods of getting to and from campus with possible partnerships with local travel companies, parking limitations, and the need for better toilets.


So, what does all this mean? What comes next?

Now that we have evidence directly from you guys, John-Paul will be approaching the University to show the findings of the survey, and to put forward a set of recommendations for an action plan on how improvements can be made over the next 5 years.

Here’s a brief overview of what the next 5 years could hold:

Short term – 1 year

  • All campus buildings to be accessible between the hours of 5-9pm on weekdays.
  • Increase parking facilities, and make parking cheaper.
  • A PG-specific private learning space.

Medium-term – 3 years

  • A further extension of the GCW Library.
  • Expansion and development of current learning spaces within buildings.
  • Establish partnership with local transport providers to decrease travel costs, including promotion of discounts such as the 16-25 Railcard.
  • Students to have a bespoke, course-specific learning space available to them.
  • Find My PC app, for booking of computers and facilities.

Long-term – 5 years

  • The extension to the Library will be complete, taking into account student recommendations and suggestions.
  • 24 hour access to all University buildings.
  • A multi-storey carpark.


That all sounds super exciting!

We know!

Now, while there are a lot of really great points above, there is still a lot of work to do. Discussions are ongoing between John-Paul and relevant University departments to look into the logistics of the lists above. However, in participating in the Learning Spaces survey (or, if you didn’t, shame on you), we now have a healthy bank of evidence to support claims that these changes are important and relevant in improving the student experience and creating a campus that’s accessible and tailored for all students’ needs.

Watch this space, as we’ll update you as news develops.

Your experience really is our priority.




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