We are going green!

Your Students’ Union is going green by phasing out its plastic straws to replace them with bio-degradable alternatives. 

As part of your SUggestions platform, where you can submit ideas for changes across campus, we are phasing out our plastic straws to replace them for bio-degradable alternatives.

This idea for change was submitted but unfortunately didn’t receive enough votes within the month time limit, however, we feel it is important to do all we can to protect the environment and so have taken on this initiative to become more environmentally friendly.

Plastic straws will still be available behind the bar when requested, until our current stock runs out and then they will be replaced with bio-degradable alternatives. This is happening across all of your Students’ Union venues; Tower Bar, The Swan and the Engine Shed. 

If you have any ideas for change around your University, be sure to submit them through the SUggestions website at lincolnsu.com/suggestions.

All ideas are then reviewed and once they receive 50 or more votes, it will be assigned to a Student Leader, who will work with you to get the idea implemented. This is a great platform to get your voice heard and make a difference to your University experience and your community.