They helped drive change. image

Gandhi once said, "be the change you wish to see in the world."


Last week, 49 students took action and adhered to this message volunteering with Make a Difference Week.

There were a total of 10 opportunities available throughout the week, from food bank work to litter picks. Collectively and individually, everyone involved truly helped drive change. 

Here are just a few of the lovely things individuals had to say about the week:


"It was so heartening to be with such enthusiastic and willing young people... this is true community."

- Alison Griffiths, Trustee of Liquorice Park Millenium Green Trust


"I had a fantastic time during Make a Difference Week and will be carrying on volunteering at Liquorice Park."

- Lynsey Macer, student volunteer at Liquorice Park


"I've spoken to a number of more elderly local people, as a result of the Oxfam volunteering, and they were very positive about the work that students are doing in the community. They find it truly encouraging as the future of Lincoln and the surrounding areas are in the hands of the students."

- Jacob Ford, student volunteer at Oxfam 


"I've felt really down about politics and world events recently, but I came away feeling inspired as well as confident that things will improve in the future with this new generation at the helm."

- Lucinda Preston, Councillor for Lincoln Carholme Ward


The week was originally designed to bring students and the local community together and to help build a better world. The comments above certainly show that this year's Make a Difference Week has helped us get one step closer to this goal.

Volunteering is an incredible experience to get involved in, providing individuals with connections, key employability skills and confidence, all crucial to becoming more employable.

So, if you missed out on Make a Difference Week, but want to get involved in volunteering, then check out our opportunities here.

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