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National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
A message from your SU President

posted 11th November 2017 at 9:00am


On the 15th of November, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts will be holding a demonstration in London, campaigning for Free Education.

As students, nationwide, are now mobilising and becoming a powerful force for political change, a radical change to the structures inherent within the funding of higher education is now being called for.

The demo calls for scrapping tuition fees, ensuring the provision of living grants for all students and bringing an end to cuts across all university campuses nationwide. The demo further calls for a better distribution of wealth, and ensuring the adequate funding of education - one that is for students and their communities.

Through the scrapping of tuition feels, it is felt that no student, either home or international, will be burdened by the “regressive” nature of the loan system which sees the most poorest students graduating with high fee debts.


The march is on the 15th of November and more details can be found here: http://anticuts.com/freeeducationnow/





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