Our Students’ Union FAQs

Q: How do I buy tickets for Students’ Union events?
A: Sign into the SU website with your University login and go to lincolnsu.com/events.

Q: I would like to buy tickets, but am unable to log in to the SU website, could you please help?
A: This may be due to one of several reasons:

  • You are not enrolled with the University (if this is the case, you must contact Student Support via [email protected])
  • You have not opted in to the Students’ Union’s services (see below)
  • You have opted in, but there is a delay in us receiving the data (see below)
  • A notification of unhandled exceptions is received (see below)
  • There are issues with you MFA log in (contact ICT Helpdesk via [email protected])

Q: How do I opt in to the Students’ Union?
A: This must be done via the ‘My University’ tab on Blackboard, during which you must consent to share your data with the Students’ Union. If you do not have the My University tab, then we would recommend that you contact the University’s ICT department via [email protected]

Please note that there may also be a slight delay in your data being transferred onto our system, however we are recommending that students try to log in every other hour or so once opting in. 

Q: I have opted in, but am still unable to log in to your website?
A: This may be a result of a slight delay in the University transferring your data over to our system. I have checked our membership database and you are not currently listed, however we will check in several hours’ time and inform you once your details have been processed. 

Q: I am a Medical School student; how do I opt in?
A: As a Medical School student the opt-in process is slightly different, however the form for this may be found here.
Your data will not be immediately transferred to our system upon the completion of the form, however, we are recommending that students wait for several hours until trying to log in to our website. Please do let us know if you experience further issues however. 

Q: When trying to log into your website, I have a received a notification of ‘Unhandled exception’ what do I do?
A: This is likely to be an issue with your student email account; we recommend that you contact the University’s ICT department via [email protected]

Q: Are tickets sold individually or as tables?
A: Tickets for all our events, such as The Big Quiz, Cinemas, Quazy Golf and Quack! Bingo will be sold as table/group tickets. 

Q: I am attending an event, but don’t have my student card yet, what do I do?
A: You are able to verbally notify staff of your student number upon entry and they will then make note of your tickets via our system. 

Q: When do I receive my tickets?
A: Your tickets are attached to your student card which is scanned upon entry, we do not send physical tickets. 

Q: Will there be tickets on the door?
A: If an event is not sold out, there will be tickets available to purchase on the door. 

Q: What ID will I need when I show up?
A: We accept the following ID as proof of age: Full or Provisional Drivers License, Passport, or UoL Student Card.

Q: Am I able to transfer my ticket to a different time slot?
A: Unfortunately, as noted within our terms and conditions, all tickets are non-transferable and we are unable to manually transfer dates for attendees. 

Q: When buying tickets for an event I received a transaction failure notification, however the money has been taken out of my account. Can I check whether this has been processed?
A: Please accept our apologies for this, our website was experiencing issues due to the number of users on it at one time. If you email us via [email protected] we can find out whether your ticket was processed.

Q: Can I please check the dates and times for the events I’ve booked?
A: This is possible. Please get in touch via [email protected] and we can confirm this information for you.

Q: I received no confirmation email for the event ticket I purchased.
A: If this is the case, please get in touch via [email protected] and provide your details. 

Q: I have recently experienced symptoms of Covid-19 and therefore could not attend an SU event that I’d bought tickets for. Can I get a refund for this?
A: Unfortunately, all tickets for our events are non-refundable and non-transferable (as stated at the point of purchase). Tickets will only be refunded in the instance that the event is cancelled by us. 

Q: I accidentally booked the wrong time slot for a event, can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, as noted within our terms and conditions, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Q: What Covid-19 secure measures are currently in place for SU events?
A: All of our events have been planned in line with the government legislation in place. Please see our safety videos here:

Q: Where can I find a full list of events?
A: All of our events can be found on our website here, or alternatively on our Facebook page.

Q: How to I order food and drinks during events in SU venues?
A: All orders are now delivered by table service via the Student Orders app. Each table will contain a QR code making it easy for attendees to download the app, which can be used for food and drinks. 

Q: I am a non-student and would like to attend a event, is this possible?
A: Unfortunately, tickets for SU events are only on sale for University of Lincoln students, as this is how we are tracking attendees in line with Covid-19 measures- apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Q: I am a BG student; can I attend any Lincoln SU events?
A: Unfortunately, our events are limited to University of Lincoln students only this year. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Q: I am due to attend an event taking place next month, is this likely to happen?
A: At the moment our Events team are reviewing our scheduled events on a monthly basis, in line with the government’s guidelines regarding Covid-19. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether an event will go ahead due to the uncertain nature of the times, however should an event date alter you will receive an email from your ticket provider. 
Alternatively, we also recommend that attendees follow the events via our Facebook page, as these will be updated should the event be rescheduled. 

Q: An event I am attending has changed rescheduled dates, will my tickets still be valid?
A: Yes, your tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled date and if these were physically received, you will not be sent updated tickets. Should the event be seated, you will receive an email from our ticket provider should there be any alterations with your seating numbers. 

Q: Will I get an email from the Engine Shed when the date of an event changes?
A: You will receive an email from the ticket provider you booked with which will be either See Tickets or Ticket Master. 

Q: I am unable to attend the date of a rescheduled event; can I get a refund?
A: Attendees must request refunds via the relevant ticket provider’s website. Should this be See Tickets then this can be requested via their chatbot function here.

Q: I bought my ticket from the SU Reception, how do I get a refund?
A: Please email [email protected], as we will need to process each case individually.  

Q: I have accessibility requirements, is there anything in place for these?
A: Yes, please visit https://www.engineshed.co.uk/accessibility for further information on our accessibility process and details on Carer tickets. 

Q: Is parking available on site?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have our own car park, however during the evening the University car park located opposite the LPAC building is available for use – please note that this is Pay and Display.

Q: I am a student, what do I do when I arrive for an event or to use the facility for social studying?
A: Please watch these videos to see the process of arriving at our venues. 

Q: How do I order food and drink?
A: To order food and drink you must download the Student Orders app and place your order electronically. DO NOT approach the bar. Your food and drink will then be delivered to your table with your cutlery and condiments.

Q: Do I have to wear a face covering if I am not seated?
A: Yes, you must wear a face covering when you are not seated. This includes walking to your table and walking to the toilets.

Q: Are you currently hiring for student staff positions?
A: All student staff vacancies are displayed via the SU website here. I would also recommend that you keep an eye out on our social media pages that will be updated should any vacancies be available.

Q: Can I bring a non-student with me when I visit?
A: In Towers, we are permitting students to sign in one non-student guest each. This is due to COVID and having to reduce the capacity of our venues hugely. In The Swan, non-students are permitted but must follow the sign in process upon arrival.

Q: There is 7 of us, can we all get in as a group?
A: No. We can only allow groups of 6 or less into our venue. 

Q: What do I do when I arrive?
A: Please watch these videos to see the process of arriving at our venues. 

Q: How do I order food and drink?
A: To order food and drink you must download the Student Orders app and place your order electronically. DO NOT approach the bar. Your food and drink will then be delivered to your table with your cutlery and condiments.

Q: Do I have to wear a face covering if I am not seated?
A: Yes, you must wear a face covering when you are not seated. This includes walking to your table and walking to the toilets.

Q: Am I able to book a table at The Barge?
A: Due to the impact of Covid-19, The Barge is temporarily closed, meaning that we are not accepting bookings at this time. I would recommend that you keep an eye out on our social media pages which will be updated when The Barge is due to re-open. 

Q: I have lost my student card. How do I get a new one?
A: The University’s Student Support department are responsible for the facilitation of student cards, I would recommend that you contact them directly via [email protected] 

Q: Are you currently hiring for student staff positions?
A: All student staff vacancies are displayed via the SU website here. I would also recommend that you keep an eye out on our social media pages that will be updated should any vacancies be available. 

Q: Can I receive a partial refund on my platinum card due to Covid-19?
A: Unfortunately as the circumstances were outside of our control we are unable to offer a partial refund on platinum cards. 

Q: Can I please update my personal details for the SU website?
A: You are able to update your details manually by logging in to the SU website and changing your account settings via the relevant tab. 

Q: Can I spend SU Credit on event tickets?
A: Yes, you can use your SU credit when you purchase tickets online. 

Q: If I join an activity and the COVID-19 restrictions mean I cannot take part, can I receive a refund?
A: As part of our Code of Conduct you are entitled to a refund up to 7 days after purchase. After this time it is to the discretion of the President whether they want to grant a refund. Please ensure you contact the activity you are thinking about joining before purchasing membership.

Q: Can my club hold taster sessions?
A: All taster sessions will need to be submitted though an event application, it will then be reviewed and either approved or declined dependent on the documents submitted and government guidance.

Q: Can we book University rooms for socials if we abide by government guidelines?
A: No, all gatherings need to be held in managed venues i.e. coffee shops to ensure the COVID-19 restrictions are being enforced. Only gatherings of 6 people or less in a managed venue will be approved.

Q: Can we share lifts to training sessions?
A: Travelling to and from permitted sports training and fixtures must also be carried out in line with NGB guidance. If no guidance exists then either public transport must be used in line with Government restrictions, or the Rule of Six must be adhered to.

Q: Do I need to do a risk assessment for every event application submitted?
A: Yes, the event application needs to be specific to the event application you are submitting. For instance if you are holding a virtual event, only virtual risks need to be in the risk assessment.

Q: Do I need a COVID-19 process in place if I want to hold an event?
A: Yes, this will need to be included in your risk assessment. Your activity will need to ensure you have a sufficient COVID-19 plan in place to ensure you follow government and NGB guidance.

Q: Can Societies get a subscription to Zoom?
A: Yes, but this will need to be done through a Purchase Request. We suggest activities use Teams as each student has access to this platform through the University.

Q: When will we see the Sports Centre allocation?
A: Discussions are still taking place between the Students’ Union and the Sports Centre to ensure all government and NGB guidelines are followed and we can ensure the safety of all members. This will be communicated to all clubs when it has been finalised.

Q: Can Societies/Sports hire the upstairs of The Swan and other SU venues?
A: To book SU venues your activity will need to email [email protected] or [email protected] to preliminary book tables following the rule of 6 (the booking is not confirmed). You will then need to submit an event application and once approved the activity can confirm with the venue that an application has been approved. 

Q: What is the Campaigns Network?
A: The Campaigns Network consists of your BAME, Disabilities, Environmental, LGBT+ and Women’s Campaigns Groups. These are run by your cross-campus elected Officers who are volunteers! Click here for more information about each group.

Q: How do I join a Campaigns Group?
A: You can join each campaigns group for free, through their individual webpages, these can be found here.

Q: Why should I join a group?
A: The groups are free to join and will enable you to be kept up to date with what the Campaigns Group are doing and be involved in events, campaigning and give feedback directly to your Officer and in turn to the Students’ Union about your experience. You will be part of making change on campus and meeting like-minded students!

Q: Can I join a group I don’t identify myself with but want to show support?
A: Absolutely, all of our campaigns groups are inclusive!

Q: How do I get in touch with the Officers?
A: All of their information can be found on their webpages at www.lincolnsu.com/campaigns, including their email and social media pages.

Q: Who should I contact for more information?
A: For more information, you can contact your VP Campaigns and Environment at [email protected]

Q: What is the Wellbeing Network?
A: The Wellbeing Network consists of your Community Group, Sexual Health Wellbeing Network, Mental Health Wellbeing Network and Physical Health Wellbeing Network. Click here to find out more.

Q: How do I join a Wellbeing Network?
A: You can sign up to be part of the Community Group for free by heading to www.lincolnsu.com/community, or to become a Wellbeing Champion and support the Lead Wellbeing Champions, you can head to www.lincolnsu.com/volunteering and find the group you would like to volunteer for!

Q: Why should I join a group?
A: Your groups are there to represent you and to make your experience the best it can be, by joining a group, you can keep up to date with any campaigns or activities going on within the groups and also be part of the change! You can sign up to volunteer at events or during campaigns and provide student feedback to go through to your Students’ Union. You can also meet like-minded people and help other students.

Q: Who are the Lead Wellbeing Champions?
A: You can find out more about the Lead Wellbeing Champions here.

Q: Who should I contact for more information?
A: For more information, you can contact your VP Wellbeing and Community at [email protected]

Q: What is ISA?
A: The International Students’ Association supports and represents international students, supporting their integration in and around campus as well as collecting feedback to raise to the Students’ Union.

Q: How do I join?
A: International students are automatically enrolled into the ISA, so if you are an international student and a member of your Students’ Union, you should be a member! If not, you can find all the information about the ISA here.

Q: Can non-international students join?
A: Absolutely! Any student can become a part of the ISA and help support international students. You can sign up through the shop on the SU website, or find the link here

Q: Do ISA hold meetings?
A: The ISA plan a calendar of social events which allow international students to talk about their experiences as a student whilst enjoying campus life, these might include a walking trip to the Cathedral as well as bike rides!

Q: What is the Pen Pal Scheme?
A: You can become a Pen Pal to a new student! We match up current students with incoming international students to support their integration into the Lincoln community! You can sign up for this amongst other opportunities here.

Q: What is an International Buddy?
A: The International Buddy Scheme encourages local students and international students to meet in a relaxed setting and socialise with each other. Learn about other cultures as well as sharing your own! More information can be found here.

Q: Who should I contact for more information?
A: For more information, you can contact your VP International at [email protected]

Q: How do I book an appointment?
A: You can book an appointment by contacting us on 01522 837000, emailing [email protected], or book a telephone appointment via our website here.

Q: What kind of appointment can I have?
A: At the moment the SU Advice Centre will be open on a Wednesday offering face-to-face appointments in the SU Advice Centre. We can also offer a Teams call or a telephone appointment. Please contact us via [email protected] or call 01522 837000 to book your appointment. You can also visit the bookings page here.

Q: Can the SU Advice Centre still attend as a representative to University meetings?
A: Absolutely! Our SU Advisors are able to support you with preparing for and understanding the process of University meetings and can attend the Teams call as a representative. Please contact us via [email protected] or call 01522 837000 to speak about this. You can also visit the bookings page here.

Q: What will happen when I get in touch?
A: When you get in touch with us, you will be allocated an Advisor who will provide ongoing support. Your Advisor will ask you to complete a quick consent form and arrange a confidential appointment so that we can get the best understanding of your case. Your Advisor will then provide ongoing support and guidance until your issue is resolved.

Q: Can you attend University meetings with me?
A: Yes, we can attend any formal University meetings with you as your SU Representative. Our role would be to 1) support you and 2) help you prepare and ensure that regulations are followed fairly. 

Q: What can you help me with?
A: We can help you with any issue affecting your student experience whilst at the University of Lincoln. Our main areas are academic, finance, housing and welfare, but if you are not sure whether your issue falls in these categories, please still get in touch. We would really like to support you. 

Q: Will the information I tell you be kept confidential?
A: Yes, we are a confidential service and will keep your information confidential within our service, unless there is a risk to yourself and/or others. Your Advisor will go through this with you when you access our service. 

Q: What academic support can you offer students?
A: As we are not part of the University, we can give impartial advice and representation to students on most academic issues. The most common issues we advise and represent on are - Academic Offences, Student Conduct & Disciplinary's, Fitness to Practise, Grade Review and Appeals, Extenuating Circumstances and Extensions, Resits and Retakes, Interruption of study and Withdrawal. If you are not sure if your issue falls within these, please still get in touch. 

Q: Who can access the Advice Centre?
A: Any University of Lincoln student can access the Advice Centre, as well as University of Nottingham students at the Lincoln Medical School. 

Q: I would like to become an Associate Member of the Students' Union; How do I do this?
A: Typically, members of the public would be able to arrange this physically via our SU Reception, however as this is currently closed we are looking into building provisions for this online, with our Web team working on making this available via our website. 

In the meantime, we are asking that individuals complete the following survey here.

Please do let us know once this survey has been completed and your request will be put forward to our Executive Committee who are required to approve all Associate Member requests. Once confirmed we will be in contact and will forward the link to the purchase of your membership. Please note that all associate memberships cost £20 and should you wish to become a member of an Activity this will be costed separately.