This month from your SU President

This month, from your Students' Union President - Kudzai Muzangaza

Update 3: 30/1/2018

It’s been well over 4 weeks into the new year but still…Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

As always here’s a quick update over what myself and the rest of the Student Leaders have been up to this month!


We’ve had 90 - I repeat, 90! SUggestions come through so far this academic year (that’s an average of 5 a week) - you guys have been absolutely fantastic, engaging with the platform and showing that there is a true sense of wanting change on campus!

Myself and the other Student Leaderss have been working hard to put that into play, for example Tommy George (your VP Academic Affairs), is currently working on seeing whether we can have f.lux on library computers; Connor Delany (your VP Welfare & Community) has had it confirmed that Mental Health First Aid will be implemented in April' Luke Exton (your VP Activities) is still investigating the cushions in the sports centre as well as rebound boards; whilst Sophia Liu (your VP International) is working on the International Student Trips which have been going down a storm!

We’ve also had great opportunities to work closely with you guys! We set up a pop-up gazebo session and queried what you guys wanted from your SU and your university experience! Not only was there free hot drinks and pastries, we also had over 200 slices of Domino’s Pizza which was absolutely fantastic and you guys seemed to love it!

Feedback we received included:

  • Better communication for the International Welcome Week
  • Increased number of societies
  • Increased number of fares

As well as:

  • Allowing better collaboration between schools - and allowing students to have a free elective that they could do which was outside their course
  • Better feedback between lectures and their students, and similarly so between lecturers.

We hope to make these drop-ins/pop-ups more consistent in the year and hopefully gather more of your feedback!

This month we were joined by our friends from York St. John Students’ Union, who came to view our SU and discuss and plan ways in which we can work much closer and in a more collaborative way… plus we took them to Quack, what could’ve gone wrong!

As you will no doubt be aware, the nominations period has now opened for Students' Union Elections!

You can nominate yourself for a position as a full-time officer or any volunteer officer role! To find out more information you can message any Student Leader and we’ll be happy to help! Further information can be found in the online elections guide.

Until next time,

OUR VALUES: Approachable, Honest, Dynamic, Nurturing, Quality.


Update 2: 28/11/2017


Hi everyone!

This is just a quick message to update everyone on what your Officers have been up to this month and as well what we are planning to do over the next few weeks. 
So far this year we’ve had 65 SUggestions submitted which have included feedback about ideas about Alumni, bringing a Blood Drive on campus and being environmentally friendly with Quack flyers! We’ve surpassed the amount of SUggestions submitted last year which is fantastic and we’ll still be working towards making sure your ideas happen on campus. 

Last month all the officers were working on the following for the month of November:

 Reading lists should be uploaded to Blackboard a month in advance This is now DONE! As of the next academic year, all reading lists will be uploaded in advance prior to modules starting
Add a search bar into the SU website - This is now CONFIRMED and will be available on the website upgrade which should be in the next coming weeks
Get a printer on the 4th floor studio in AAD West - This is still a work in progress and we should have updates very soon 
Installing rebound boards in the Sports Hall - VP Activities, Luke Exton, is still working on this and will have updates very soon

This month we are working on:

Investigating the possibility of having digital student cards

A second-hand book exchange

Promoting the Advice Centre as a safe space for mental health

We will be updating everyone on the progress of these on their individual SUggestions pages...


This month we have spent 276 hours out and about finding out how you guys are and what it is you want happening with your SU! We had a great time giving away free teas and coffees, donuts and pizzas during one of our Student Leader drop ins outside on the library square. This is will be a recurring thing so make sure you keep an eye out as we’ll be doing giveaways as well! 


Your VP Activities, Luke,

has been working to push out the Societies Tour! Updates will be coming very very soon...


Your VP Academic, Tommy,

 has been working really hard to push out the new Office for Students changes that are to go to the ASM on Thursday 30th November.


Your VP International, Sophia,

has been busy organising the trip to Liverpool and is looking to host a Christmas Quiz as well as a Winter Festival in the Engine Shed!


Your VP Welfare and Community, Connor,

is going to be working towards looking at prayer space on campus as well as pushing out the Advice Centre Lounge! Additionally, he has been pushing and promoting the Housing Fayre, which will be on the 1st of December.


On a wider note, the Autumn Budget was presented this month. Proposals put forward include railcards for 26-30 year olds, an increase in the national minimum wage,  further investment in adult learning, safeguards to ensure people do not over pay their student loans and the abolishment of stamp duty for all first-time property buyers. NUS states that the vital maintenance support for students across all levels and ages has not been addressed, alongside the rising cost of study and student debt. It’s key that as an SU we consider these issues more widely, and this is something I am working towards addressing moving forward.


We’ll also be pushing out on the NUS #LoveSUs campaign, keep your eyes peeled for that! 


The Student Leader reports will be up for voting in the first week of December,

so it’s important that you give them a read and vote on them here. It’s important that you guys have a key say in how the SLs are representing you and acting on your behalf!

OUR VALUES: Approachable, Honest, Dynamic, Nurturing, Quality.


Update 1: 01/11/2017


Hi everyone! 

This is just a quick message to update everyone on what your Officers have been up to this month and as well what we planning to do over the next few weeks. 


So far this year we’ve had 42 SUggestions submitted - which is absolutely fantastic. Of these SUggestions, 26 have been put forward to vote or have been fast-tracked. The majority of those that haven’t gone through to be voted or fast-tracked have been solved by direct conversation with the people who’ve proposed them, which is fantastic. 


Currently all the officers are working on the following over the next coming weeks:

Reading lists should be uploaded to Blackboard a month in advance

Add a search bar into the SU website

Get a printer on the 4th floor studio in AAD West

Installing rebound boards in the Sports Hall

We will be updating everyone on the progress of these on their individual SUggestions pages…


This month we’ve spent just over 380 hours on the ground talking to you guys and finding out the issues you guys are facing as well as how well everything is going so far. This is fantastic because we are getting the opportunity to really understand the issues on campus and being in a good position to be able to address them. 


Your VP Activities, Luke

has been working to push out the We Are Lincoln Lounge - which, again, has been so well received


Your VP Academic, Tommy

has been working really hard to empower reps and the first rep forum we had this year had a fantastic turnout


Your VP International, Sophia

has been instrumental in organising activities for international students - particularly the Halloween Party as well as the trip to Hull which sold out in two days!


Your VP Welfare and Community, Connor

has been really pushing out the Campaigns Network and really establishing the welfare and representative aspect of it.


On top of all that the Free Printing service is now live in SU Reception. A how-to guide can be found here. It’s fantastic, especially for printing out lecture notes and materials for revision or anything you might need for your sports and societies. The first All Student Members meeting happened this month, where a lot of important issues were discussed - namely changes to how the SU operates as well as how you guys have an impact. We hosted Activites Wars and it was so good and congratulations to the Assassins’ Society for their inaugural win! We now have 511 (and counting) academic reps covering all disciplines, well done to you guys! There are now plenty of Career Booster sessions now available here. These include everything from Marketing and PR, all the way to how to Enhance your Career Prospects through Social Media



So you can see there’s quite a lot that been going on!

It’s all detailed in our reports which can be found here. Give them a read and vote on them. We, the Student Leaders, are responsible for ensuring that everything is being done in the best interest of students, and making sure that your experience is our priority 


OUR VALUES: Approachable, Honest, Dynamic, Nurturing, Quality.