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ULSU Swim Team’s 2016/17 Highlights
Water way to end the year!

posted 10th April 2017 at 2:15pm


Kicking butt in Varsity, securing local partnerships, members smashing personal bests, and just having a hell of splashing time.

Here's Swim Team Media Secretary, Lucy Towle, with a recap of the year:


It has been a hugely successful year for us all at Lincoln Swim Team. After an exhausting Freshers Fayre, we had more than 50 people trialling to be part of the competitive team alone. We now boast a social squad 40 members strong – a huge increase on both accounts from last year!

We have secured a partnership with Lincoln Vulcans Swimming Team, which has added additional pool time – something that has been invaluable. The partnership further allowed us to employ a full-time coach who has tailored the competitive team sets to further enhance their performance in the extra competitions we now have access to. The work put in by our Social Team Captain has also seen a huge increase in attendance and performance by our social squad. With more hours to train and sets tailored to their capabilities we can see huge amounts of progress!

Speaking of competitions – thanks to the SU – this year we entered the most total events ever at Short Course (25m pool) and Long Course (50m pool) BUCS ever in Lincoln Swim’s history! Not only this, 75% of our athletes came out with a PB in at least one event at Short Course, and an amazing 78% at Long Course, an absolutely fantastic achievement!

Due to our increased numbers, we were also able to enter our first ever men’s and women’s relays – with the men missing out on a national BUCS final by just three seconds. Competing against teams from British Swimming, Loughborough and Sterling. We also qualified for our first ever BUCS final, with our coach Katie Maloney qualifying in the Women’s 200m Butterfly, earning us 4 BUCS points as an individual sport. Amazing!

Our Lincoln Vulcans partnership has allowed our members to now compete in Lincolnshire County Championships. Swimmer Olly Richmond made himself a multiple county finalist and a county champion in the Men’s 50m Backstroke. Not only this, member Thomas Vaughan was another multiple county finalist from Lincoln Swim, showing just how good our swimmers really are.  

One of our most notable successes from this year was winning our Varsity matchups for the third year in a row! With the dedicated work of our committee alongside the SU and Lincoln Vulcans, we managed to secure an amazing venue, official ASA registered officiators and starting equipment, a great meal to top off the day and a fantastic night out. With volunteers from the social team and some Alumni members helping keep track of the day, we came out with an amazing score of Lincoln – 79 and Hull – 61.

In September we created a new committee positon of Media Secretary, which has meant our presence has grown online and all our supporters have been able to keep up with us as a club. This has also helped the team internally, with all races being recorded to look back on and spot weaknesses to improve. Other notable social media successes would be the club’s mannequin challenge and engaging in the SU’s #NeverOK campaign.

We aren’t stopping here – we are going to make 2017/18 even better!  

We at the SU would like to add a massive congratulations to the Swimming Team, and hope that success continues long into 2017/18!

If you have a success story you’d like to share, be sure to get in touch. Just shoot an email over to communications@lincolnsu.com and tell us what you’ve been up to!





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