The Tower Bar clock has been repaired image

Some of you were quite ticked off by the broken clock in Tower Bar and we have to put our hands up and admit it was quite annoying.

But thanks to a request made on our SUggestion platform to get the clock fixed, times are now a changin’. The Tower Bar clock is no longer broken!

You said, we did.

The whole operation was rather time consuming, because the clock mechanism was faulty, but it has now been repaired and will be reinstalled in your beloved Tower Bar very soon.

We’re aware that although you will no longer be wound up by the broken clock, these puns might be getting more irritating with each passing second…

But just hold on, wait a minute…

We’ve got one last thing to say…

Lots of ideas have been put forward recently via our SUggestions platform and we want to hear what you think about them! Make sure you vote up or down on the amazing SUggestions put forward here:

And with that said, we’re going to clock out!

Until next time!