The ULTIMATE Ultimate Frisbee Team! image

If you haven't had enough of all our sporting successes recently, we've got more for you. 

After having come fourth in last years' BUCS season - their first ever - UoL's Ultimate Frisbee team were determined to dominate the league even more this year. 

Using a unique defensive strategy designed by the club's President and Vice President, Lincoln Ultimate have amazingly returned victorious from all 8 games played. As such, they have won the entire league with an incredible 86 goal difference. 

The club has not only grown in skill, but in size over the year, starting out with a squad of 11 experienced players and becoming a squad of 20. They note that the new training facilities provided by the SU allowed them to train these new members to a competitive standard, much more rapidly than in previous years. 

It is safe to say that the team epitomises what it is to be a part of the #WeAreLincoln community, with their dedication and hard work. That being said, we shall leave you with their following statement and scores:

'There's no better feeling than running a team that gives so much back. Commitment to training and the effort shown in games makes the hours of work behind the scenes so worth it.'


Birmingham 2 3-15
Loughborough 2 8-13
Derby 2-15
Leicester 2 3-15
Nottingham 2 3-15
Warwick 2 7-13
Staffordshire  1-15
Worcester 3-15