Volunteer Officer of the Month

Volunteer Officer of the Month Nominations

Since the new bye-laws came into effect towards the tail-end of last year, volunteer officer reports have been coming to the Executive Committee for scrutiny and to ensure that all officers were being held to account. The reports that have come in this month have showed that our volunteer officers are working extremely hard to represent students and ensure that the SU is working effectively for its membership.

The Executive Committee has nominated the following officers for the Volunteer Officer of Month award.


Disabled Students Officers

Rez has been working creating and actioning. campaign on Invisible Disabilities alongside our Vice President Welfare & Community This has also been complimented by the prospect of social both on and off campus being in the pipe-works as well.


Law School Rep

Chloe has been up to quite a lot this past month, promoting all the work she does in regards to carers as well as working to improve opportunities for students on campus by liaising with Enterprise Network. She has been working to improve the efficiency of Criminal Moots for law students as well as ensuring that module handbooks and lectures reflect the view of students in terms how best to work for assessments.


College of Arts Officer

Glen has been working fantastically well alongside one of his course reps, Molly Harper, to ensure that a new printer was installed on the fourth floor of the AAD building. He has also worked to with students on the ground to address issues for Journalism students. Additionally, he partook in a student engagement and communication training day with Heads of Schools, facilitated by the SU through an invitation by the Vice-Chancellor. He offered his perspective of life as a rep to ensure that there was clarity in the work that he did.


Societiesʼ Officer

Natalie has been working hard to further increase engagement with Societies. With assistance from our VP Activities, she has been working to plan the Society Showcase whilst incorporating a lot of elements that have made engagement with societies good this year. She will also be planning more collaborative society events to ensure that societies get together more often.


Postgraduate Research Officer

Bradley has been working very hard to facilitate a drop-in for PGR students (Tuesday, 12-2pm). He has also been working to establish an online presence for PGR students as well as investigating the provisions for Distance Learners at the University. He has also been instrumental in securing a meeting between the SU and UCU which will hopefully allow for a more functional way of representing PGR students


The winner of the Volunteer Officer of the Month wins a £25 voucher of their choice from the following: Odeon, Nando's, Zizzi's , Wagagmama, or ASOS.

This month’s winner is Chloe Rollings (Law School Rep) - congratulations Chloe!