Volunteer Officer of the Month - March

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Your Volunteer Officers (School Reps, College Officers, PG Officers, Campaigns Network Officers, Sports and Societies Officers) write reports each month about what they have been up to and what they are planning to do in the coming month.

The Executive Committee scrutinise all Volunteer Officer reports each month, to ensure that all Officers are held to account on how they have been representing the best interests of Students. All Officer Reports this month have been outstanding and can be found here.

Each month the Executive Committee selects a Volunteer Officer of the month based on these reports.

The winner of March's Volunteer Officer of the Month is Katie Maloney, your Sports Officer!



Katie has won this month because she is a strong advocate and has been very supportive and engaged in her role. From her comprehensive Officer Report, she has revealed a number of significant achievements. These include playing a key role in the allocation of the remaining Competitive Grant Fund, supporting in the facilitation of kit tender presentations for a new kit supplier and delivering regular drop-in sessions for Sports and Societies. Along with effectively representing Lincoln Students’ Union members at key external events such as Women in Work conference, her fantastic conduct throughout Varsity 2019 is something to be noted. Well done Katie!

You can see all of the Volunteer Officer Reports below

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