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Hello! I’m Faith, and I’m the Equality Lead for the Women’s Campaign Group. This basically means that it is my job to ensure that everyone who’s involved in our group, or any activities or promotions happening, feels included and represented.

Our group has a fantastic committee this year, headed by our Women’s Officer, Millie. We are really hoping to achieve some big wins this academic year, and we have a lot of fresh ideas for improving campus life for all students, not just women. We have already rolled out some of these campaigns - including collaborations with the BAME and LGBT networks, and the Black Feminist Society - such as spreading awareness of Black history.

Due to coronavirus, this year is looking a bit different to previous years. One way in which we are adapting our plans is by really utilising social media (give us a follow on Instagram to keep updated!) We’ll be promoting a lot of our campaigns, and spreading education and awareness on our feed.

Some of the online campaigns we’ve made include informed awareness on student pregnancy, and body neutrality vs body positivity. One campaign we are really eager to talk about is consent education. This will specifically look at what consent is, what it really means, and the different ways it can be implemented as a part of practising safe sex. A key aspect of this is the influence of alcohol and drugs, as well as online safety - particularly during the time of a pandemic and localised or national lockdowns being implemented. We really want to highlight the importance of breaking the stigma around sexual assault - not just as a female issue but one that affects everyone regardless of gender.

Although we are the Women’s Campaign Group, we want to ensure we’re striving for equality in all genders. Living in a patriarchal society affects men, women and nonbinary people. For International Men’s Day (19th November 2020), as well as Movember, we really want to bring to light the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and other subjects that can be seen as taboo, such as sexual and domestic violence, toxic masculinity and physical health problems.

One of the most pressing issues we want to be focusing on over winter is the campaign to get the street lights turned on in Lincoln. This is crucial for nighttime safety when walking home from uni or any circumstance in which women and minorities find themselves walking alone in the dark. We want to hear from all of you about how safe you feel at night, and how this can be improved. We also want to create a buddy system in which women walking home will be accompanied by others in order to combat the risks and fears of walking home alone.

We are all working on different ways we can raise awareness and spread information about all of the topics mentioned and more! Wishing everyone well, and have a great day!

Faith (Women’s Equality Lead)

Women’s Officer Millie Burrows Email: [email protected]