Recycling facilities in student accommodation – Have your voice heard! image

Climate change is something that our students at Lincoln are concerned with and currently there are ten non-university owned student accommodation buildings in Lincoln that do not provide any recycling facilities. This means that there are thousands of students whose waste is unnecessarily going to landfill at no fault of their own. By introducing these basic facilities students can be more sustainable and support in the fight against climate change.


To help you have your voice heard, Bailey has written a letter template that you can sign and send to your accommodation providers asking them to introduce these measures.

Mary Stewart Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln:

“Recycling is an important part of making our daily lives more sustainable. Our students are passionate about sustainability and at the University we would urge all accommodation providers to take recycling as seriously as we do at the University and provide appropriate recycling stations at their accommodation outlets.”


Karl McCartney Member of Parliament for Lincoln:

“We all have a duty to recycle and do what we can to support our environment. For those students who want to, there should be the facility to recycle. I would urge all providers to look into a way to offer recycling facilities for students who want to use this facility.”


You can download and sign the letter here.