Changes to your Academic Representation

Your Vice President Education, Georgia, has been spending the summer reviewing how we support your Academic Representation, this has included a review of the support given to our Academic Reps and Postgraduate Students.

Your Students’ Union is here to represent you, gather and act upon your feedback to create change to enhance your student experience. We have taken time over the summer to look at how we support our Academic Reps and engage with our Academic Reps to ensure that your feedback is heard and acted upon. This has resulted in the creation of a new Standing Order (4002) named ‘Rep Hubs’ which outlines a way for Reps to come together and not only provide feedback, but also receive updates from the VP Education and improve their employability with skills sessions.

With regards to Postgraduate Students, changes have been made to Standing Order 5013, the Postgraduate Students’ Association, a way for Postgraduate students to be part of a community with the support of the Students’ Union. This has also resulted in the creation of Standing Order 5015, PSA Hubs which allows the Postgraduate Students’ Association Officer and their committee to create opportunities for Postgraduate students to meet, socialise and provide feedback about their academic experience. The PSA Officer has also been added to Standing Order 4001, Senior Rep Group to enable them to have a network and cross-collaborate where appropriate.

This has meant changes in the Standing Orders; 4001 and 5013 and the creation of 4002 and 5015. These can be found here

In line with Bye-Law 3.10, these are subject to student approval. If you have any objections to changes within these Standing Orders, please email [email protected] within 14 days.

If 20 objections are received to the change within 14 days, the change shall not be passed, and a Student Members’ Meeting shall be held if necessary.