Activity Cluster Rep Election Results

Your new Cluster Reps for 2020/2021 have been announced.

Thank you to everyone that took part, by either nominating themselves or voting in these elections.

The results are:

Arts and Culture Cluster Rep: 3 Votes

Georgina Allen 3 votes | RON 0 votes


Campaigns, Politics and Lifestyle Cluster Rep: 10 Votes

Karen Nedziwe 5 votes| Emily Dale 4 votes | RON 1 vote


College of Science and LIBS Cluster Rep: 7 Votes

Vinuja Premakumar 7 votes | RON 0 votes


Faith and International Cluster Rep: 2 Votes

Rachel Gee 2 votes | RON 0 votes


Individual Competitive Cluster Rep: 3 Votes

Jason Hawkins 3 votes | RON 0 votes


Indoor Ball and Racket Cluster Rep: 2 Votes

Lucy Clarke 2 votes  | Jack Murphy 0 votes  | RON 0 votes


Outdoor Ball and Racket Cluster Rep: 5 Votes

David Johnson 5 votes |RON 0 votes


Recreational Cluster Rep: 7 Votes

Emily Hardy Sims 7 votes | RON 0 votes


Snow, Water, Extreme Cluster Rep: 2 Votes

Jodi Hawkes 1 vote | Callum Burrows 1 vote | RON 0 votes

* Candidates Callum Burrows and Jodi Hawkes were tied when choosing a candidate over threshold to eliminate. Candidate Callum Burrows was chosen by breaking the tie randomly. Candidate Jodi Hawkes has reached the threshold and is elected.*


Congratulations to Georgina Allen (Drama: Social Secretary), Karen Nedziwe (Black Feminist Society: Treasurer), Vinuja Premakumar (General Practice: President & Anatomical: Vice President), Rachel Gee (Jewish Society: President), Jason Hawkins (Pool: Vice President) Lucy Clarke (Kinball: President), David Johnson (Tennis: President), Emily Hardy Sims (Fandom: President), and Jodie Hawkes (Climbing: President) who have been elected as your Cluster Reps and start their roles from today.