A Christmas Update from Amina

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Ho ho ho!

We are now in the festive season and I know some of you caught a glimpse of snow last week! (don’t worry if you missed it, hopefully there are more snowy days ahead) If you are staying in Lincoln over Christmas, you don’t need to feel alone. There are a lot of international and local students sticking around over the Christmas period and we want to make sure you have some activities to keep you occupied and get you in the festive mood.

I really wish that we could have provided in person events for you to come to but unfortunately the fact that we are in Tier 3 means we wouldn’t be allowed to do so. We have come up virtual events which will be running all throughout the Christmas season and into the New year to help keep us all entertained and to provide social opportunities for us all. You can be sure that you can wake up each day looking forward to be involved in some form of activity with other students. You can click here to see events that are listed on our website and also check out the calendar below that we have put together to find out about some more things that will be happening!



There are lots of beautifully decorated festive scenes around Lincoln so get wrapped up warm, go walking or cycling and take some pictures! I am sure your families and friends at home would be happy to see these pictures of what you are getting up to whilst you are spending Christmas away from home.

I understand it has been a challenging term for most of you and I think you have all been amazing and handled the situation we have all found ourselves in incredibly well! I will leave you with a little reminder to wrap up warm, stay safe and don’t forget to say hello when you see me around. See you in the new year!

Happy holidays ! Afeyhia Pa!