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Best of 2016/17 BUCS
A round-up of the best of this season's BUCS teams

posted 13th April 2017 at 9:00am


Want to see some of the biggest and best highlights of the 2016/17 BUCS season? There may be too many to name, but we’re going to give it one hell of a shot!


The 2016/17 BUCS season was one of Lincoln SU’s fiercest yet, with all of our BUCS teams giving it everything they’ve got against some of the nation’s finest university teams.

For those who are unfamiliar, the BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) competition, is the national governing body for Higher Education sport in the UK. Every Wednesday (whilst some of you were still in bed, preparing for an amazing night at QUACK!) your sports teams were representing Lincoln SU at other universities across the country, sweating it out for the top spot in their sport’s league table.

To celebrate the end of the season, and to set the bar for next year, here is a rundown of some of your SU teams’ best victories, and crowning moments.


Notable League Placements and Competitions


American Football reached the quarter finals of the North Conference Cup.

Badminton Men’s 1st team won their league, and also reached the quarter finals of the Conference Cup. Their 2nd team also placed third in their league.

Badminton Women’s reached the semi-finals of the Midlands Conference Cup, with both 1st and 2nd team placing third in their league.

Basketball Men’s won their league.

Basketball Women’s came second in their league.

Football Men’s 2nds reached the quarter finals of the Midlands Conference Plate, with the 3rd team reaching the semi-finals.

Football Womens 1st team reached the semi-finals of the trophy, with the 2nd team placing third in their league.

Hockey Women’s reached the quarter finals of the Midlands Conference Cup.

Lacrosse Women’s reached semi-finals of the Midlands Conference Cup.

Netball 3rd team won their league.

Rugby Union placed 2nd in their league and reached the finals of the Midlands Conference Cup.

Squash Men’s 2nds placed 2nd in their league.

Squash Women’s 1sts reached the semi-finals of the Midlands Conference Cup.

Table Tennis reached the quarter finals of the Midlands Conference Cup.


Of course, we can’t label the above without giving honourable mention to those teams who may not have won, but who played with a ferocious attitude and gave it their all: Futsal, Gaelic Football, Golf, Rugby League, Tennis, and Volleyball.



BUCS Nationals


On the weekend of the 17th-19th February, over 6000 students from across the country travelled to Sheffield to partake in the annual BUCS Nationals competition.

Six of your Lincoln teams were able to qualify for the competition, and competed throughout the days. However, despite giving it everything they had, there were no wins from the tournament. We still believe that managing to make it to the Nationals is an achievement in itself, so a massive congratulations to all members of Badminton, Swimming, Athletics, Fencing, Judo, and Karate, who took part.

To find out more about the competition, see our article from earlier this year.


Best of Results


Now, this bit is just for fun. A bit showy-offy as we list some of the biggest wins from the year in bold font so that we can gloat and celebrate the amazing scores from across the board. Ready?

Table Tennis Men’s 1sts vs Derby Men’s 2nds

14 – 3

Football Men’s 3rds vs Peterborough Men’s 1sts

7 – 0

Tennis Men’s 1sts vs East Anglia Men’s 2nds

10 – 2

Ultimate Frisbee Men’s 1sts vs Leicester Men's 2nds

15 – 0

Rugby League Men’s 1sts vs Derby Men’s 1sts

46 – 6

Lacrosse Women’s 1sts vs Nottingham Trent 2nds

10 – 4

Squash Women’s 1sts vs Derby Women’s 1sts

4 – 0

Football Men’s 3rds vs Derby (Buxton) Men’s 4ths

8 – 0

Rugby Union Women’s 1sts vs East Anglia Women’s 2nds

54 – 5


Overall BUCS Standings

And now comes the drum roll moment… where did Lincoln SU’s rate overall in the BUCS nationals?

Are you ready…

We can feel the tension…



Finishing near enough dead centre when there are that many universities competing across the country ain’t half bad (see what we did there?). And with the cricket season yet to start, there's still scope to swing higher (or lower... boo!). So no pressure to our cricketers!

Now for us to get intro training mode and rise again for the 17/18 season.


So that’s it! Another year over, another batch of bruising, trampled grass, lost balls, and memories. Once again a massive well done to everyone involved in this year’s BUCS competitions, and we look forward to seeing what the new season (and a fresh cohort of first years) can bring to the squads.





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