This Week’s BUCS Results

Here's the latest from your BUCS teams!



Badminton Mens 2nds 2 6 Nottingham Trent University Mens 3rds Loss
Equestrian 1sts - - Tournament -
Fencing Womens 1sts - - Loughborough University Womens 2nds Re-arranged to 13th Dec
Football Mens 1sts 3 2 Coventry University Mens 3rds Win
Football Womens 2nds 2 2 University of East Anglia Womens 2nds Draw
Golf 0 6 Oxford University Mens 3rds Loss
Hockey Mens 1sts 2 0 Oxford University Mens 3rds Win
Lacrosse Mens 1sts 12 4 University of Derby Mens 1sts Win
Netball Womens 3rds 27 46 University of Bedfordshire Womens 2nds Loss
Netball Womens 4ths 31 12 Birmingham City University Womens 4ths Win
Rugby Union Womens 1sts - - University of Warwick Womens 1sts Re-arranged TBC
Rugby Union Mens 1sts - - Aston University Mens 2nds Re-arranged to 7th Feb
Squash Mens 1sts 4 1 University of Birmingham Mens 4ths Win
Tennis Mens 1sts 6 6 University of Worcester Mens 1sts Draw
Tennis Womens 1sts - - Oxford Brookes University Womens 2nds Re-arranged
Volleyball Mens 1sts 0 3 Anglia Ruskin University Mens 1sts Loss



Badminton Womens 1sts 2 6 University of Derby Womens 1sts Loss
Badminton Womens 2nds 7 1 University of Bedfordshire Womens 1sts Win
Badminton Mens 1sts 3 5 University of Warwick Mens 2nds Loss
Basketball Womens 1sts 33 45 Cranfield University Womens 1sts Loss
Basketball Mens 1sts 75 59 Oxford University Mens 2nds Win
Football Womens 1sts 2 1 University of East Anglia Womens 1sts Win
Football Mens 2nds 6 2 Anglia Ruskin University Mens 2nds Win
Football Mens 3rds 3 5 University of Wolverhampton Mens 2nds Loss
Hockey Womens 1sts 4 3 University of Nottingham Womens 5ths Win
Hockey Womens 2nds - - University of Northampton Womens 1sts TBC
Netball Womens 1sts 58 46 Nottingham Trent University Womens 2nds Win
Netball Womens 2nds 42 39 University of East Anglia Womens 2nds Win
Rugby Union Mens 2nds 0 41 University of East Anglia 3rds Loss
Rugby League Mens 1sts - - University of Nottingham Mens 2nds Walkover Loss
Squash Womens 1sts 1 3 University of Leicester Womens 2nds Loss
Squash Mens 2nds - - Anglia Ruskin University Mens 1sts Walkover Loss
Ultimate (Outdoor) Mens 1sts 15 3 University of Leicester Mens 2nds Win
Volleyball Womens 1sts 3 0 University of Derby Womens 2nds Win


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1st - Housing Fayre, 11am - 6pm, Engine Shed

2nd - International Trip to Liverpool

2nd - Dance's Christmas Quiz, 7pm, The Swan

3rd - Dodgeball University Open, 7:15am, Cannock Chase Leisure Centre

3rd - Spirit of the Game Frisebee Tournament, 11am, Sports Centre

3rd - CU Christmas Carol Concert, 6pm, Engine Shed