This Week’s BUCS Results!

Here's the latest from your BUCS teams!



Lacrosse Womens 1sts 3 25 University of Nottingham Womens 3rds Loss
Netball Womens 3rds 52 29 Bishop Grosseteste University Womens 1sts Win
Rugby League Mens 1sts 28 16 Nottingham Trent University Mens 2nds Win
Squash Mens 1sts 1 4 De Montfort University Mens 1sts Loss
Ultimate Outdoor Mens 1sts 15 3 University of Nottingham Mens 2nds Win




Badminton Womens 1sts 6 2 University of Northampton Womens 1sts Win
Badminton Mens 1sts 1 7 University of Nottingham Mens 3rds Loss
Badminton Womens 2nds 0 8 University of Nottingham Womens 4ths Loss
Basketball Mens 1sts 80 59 University of Nottingham Mens 2nds Win
Basketball Womens 1sts - - De Montfort University Womens 1sts TBC
Fencing Womens 1sts 135 109 University of Worcester Womens 1sts Win
Football Womens 1sts 5 0 University of Northampton Womens 1sts Win
Football Womens 2nds 11 0 Newman University Womens 1sts Win
Football Mens 1sts 8 1 Harper Adams University College Mens 1sts Win
Football Mens 2nds 4 0 Birmingham City University Mens 3rds Win
Football Mens 3rds 3 0 Aston University Mens 3rds Win
Hockey Womens 1sts 3 2 Coventry University Womens 1sts Win
Hockey Mens 1sts 2 3 Coventry University Mens 1sts Loss
Netball Womens 1sts 59 33 University of Warwick Womens 2nds Win
Netball Womens 2nds 67 23 De Montfort University Womens 2nds Win
Rugby Union Mens 1sts 48 10 University of Wolverhampton Mens 1sts Win
Rugby Union Womens 1sts 5 22 Loughborough University Womens 2nds Loss
Squash Mens 2nds 2 1 University of Northampton Mens 1sts Win
Tennis Mens 1sts 8 4 University of East Anglia Mens 2nds Win


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7th - Womens Futsal Fundraiser Quiz, 7pm, The Swan

8th - Let Them Eat Cake Speaker Event, 6pm, Co-op Lecture Theatre

9th - MTS Winter Showcase, 4pm, Engine Shed

11th - Drama Society Presents 'Our Country's Good', 7:30pm, Engine Shed

12th - Christmas Defeat The Meat, 7pm, Tower Bar