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This Week’s BUCS Results
Find out how your teams did this week...

posted 9th November 2017 at 3:00pm

Here's the latest from your BUCS teams!



Badminton Womens 1sts 7 1 Birmingham City University Womens 1sts Win
Badminton Womens 2nds 3 5 Nottingham Trent University Womens 2nds Loss
Badminton Mens 2nds 0 8 Oxford Brookes University Mens 1sts Loss
Basketball Mens 1sts 95 49 University of Birmingham Mens 2nds Win
Football Womens 1sts 1 2 Oxford Brookes University Womens 1sts Loss
Football Mens 1sts 3 0 Worcester 1sts Win
Football Mens 3rds 0 2 Birmingham City University Mens 3rds Loss
Hockey Mens 1sts 2 0 University of East Anglia Mens 1sts Win
Lacrosse Mens 1sts 18 2 University of Nottingham Mens 3rds Win
Netball Womens 2nds 51 39 University of Leicester Womens 4ths Win
Netball Womens 3rds - - University of Chester (UC Shrewsbruy) Womens 1sts Re-arranged
Rugby Union Mens 1sts - - Bishop Grosseteste University Mens 1sts Walkover Win
Rugby Union Mens 2nds 45 17 Aston University Mens 2nds Win
Tennis Womens 1sts - - University of Nottingham Womens 5ths Loss
Tennis Mens 1sts 8 4 University of Leicester Mens 2nds Win




Badminton Mens 1sts 7 1 Oxford Brookes University Mens 2nds Win
Fencing Womens 1sts 131 130 Nottingham Trent University Womens 1sts Win
Football Mens 2nds 8 2 University College Birmingham Mens 2nds Win
Football Womens 2nds 1 4 University of Derby Womens 1sts Loss
Hockey Womens 2nds 2 6 Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) Womens 1sts Loss
Netball Womens 1sts 35 53 Loughborough University Womens 4ths Loss
Rugby Union Womens 1sts 14 50 University of Derby Womens 1sts Loss
Squash Mens 2nds 0 3 University of Nottingham Mens 4ths Loss
Volleyball Womens 1sts - - University of Northampton Womens 1sts Rescheduled




Gaelic Football 17 48 Nottingham 1sts Loss
American Football 1sts 4 44 Manchester Metropolitan  Loss
Futsal Mens 1sts 5 11 University of Leicester Mens 1sts Loss
Futsal Mens 2nds 4 11 University of Nottingham Mens 2nds Loss


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9th - American Football Taster Session, 6pm Sports Centre

       - The Big Netball Quiz, 7pm The Swan

13th - Disney Games Night, 7pm MB1020

         - Disney Quiz Night, 7pm Cargill Lecture Theatre

14th - 8 Out of 10 Swans, 7pm The Platform

17th - This Girl Can Zumbathon, 10am Engine Shed



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