YOU could be one of our elected leaders! image

Your Students’ Union Bye-Elections are now open until the 16th March!

That's right, get involved in anything from our Course Reps, to Campaigns Network, to International Students' Association!


If you didn’t want to run in the main Students’ Union Elections, but still fancy being elected into one our Volunteer Officer positions for 2018/2019, this is your chance. The following Volunteer Officer Roles are still vacant: 

School Reps
Social & Political Sciences Sports & Exercise Science
Design Fine & Performing Arts
Acountancy, Finance & Economics English & Journalism
Life Sciences Engineering
Maths & Physics Strategy & Enterprise
Sports Officer

Union Chair

Campaigns Network
Disabled Students' Officer Mature Students' Officer
Women's Officer BAME Students' Officer
Community Officer  


Nominations are also open for Academic Representatives for 2018/2019, so if you want to make sure that students’ voices are heard on your programmes and that your programmes are the best that they can be, nominate yourself to be one of next year’s Academic Reps! 

If Sports & Societies are more your thing, nominations for committee members are also open, so login and nominate yourself. 

And finally, if you want to get more involved in making the International Student Experience the best it can be, make sure you log in and nominate yourself for one of our International Student Association positions! 


With so many roles to choose from, why not get involved?!