Important Updates


Following a vote at the All Student Members meeting held on 16th October 2017, changes have been made to your Students' Union Bye-Laws, as well as the Articles of Association.

The Students' Union Bye-Laws and Articles of Assocation are the regulations that govern how the organisation runs and operates. The approved changes have been made by students, with students in mind, in order to make democracy at Lincoln much more effective in representing the entire student body. On top of clarifications of certain processes, updates to democratic terminology have been made to make engagement with Union democracy simpler to get involved with.

Kudzai, your Students' Union President, says:

Myself and your Students' Union team have worked hard on finding ways to ensure that democracy is accessible to all at the University of Lincoln. Democracy will now be more representative of the entire student body, and the SUggestions platform streamlines the processes to ensure that your voice is heard, no matter how big or small the issue.

Just a few of the updates include:

All Student Members Meetings (ASMs) are now only called as and when they are needed. ASMs can be called by 50 student members through an SUggestion, 150 signatures on a letter to the President, 10 Volunteer Officers, the SU Trustees, or the Executive Committee.

Petitions can be triggered in a number of ways: through the Students' Union Executive Committee, through a submission via the SUggestions platform, or through a proposal passed at an All Student Members meeting.

Caution, Censure and No Confidence as democratic terms have now been updated and modernised to 'informal warning', 'formal warning', and 'removal from post'.

Accountability. Volunteer Officers now submit monthly reports to the Executive Committee, who will be able to provide informal or formal warnings to the Officer. Votes to remove a Volunteer Officer from post must go to an Accountability Forum. For Student Leaders, a summary of their reports will be made available online with an option to download the full report. The need to provide a comment to vote is to be removed, making voting on the work of your Student Leaders easier. A net total of minus 25 votes on a report will trigger an Accountability Forum.

Motions shall now be known as 'Proposals'

Quoracy - 50 members are needed at an ASM for the meeting to go ahead, however this body may only vote to trigger a referendum on any proposal. A quoracy of 150 student members is needed for the ASM to vote on the Proposal and pass policy.

Sabbatical Officers shall now be known as 'Student Leaders'

Bye-Law Amendments should, in the first instance, pass through the Students' Union President for discussion. Proposed Bye-Law amendments should then be submitted through the SUggestions student ideas platform. Bye-Laws shall be approved by the Trustees at the discretion of the Trustees in line with the Articles of Assocation.

SUggestions - the ideas platform can now be used to submit proposals for petitions, proposals to hold ASMs, and proposals to amend bye-laws.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please email [email protected]