Coursemate and how it can benefit you image

Coursemate is giving you the opportunity to make changes to your course.

Coursemate is an online platform which allows you to anonymously submit feedback relating to your course.

Additionally, if you have any ideas for how your course can improve, you can also put these forward using Coursemate.

Once your feedback has been submitted, your Rep will then work in partnership with the University to help represent your academic interests and resolve them!

Coursemate has benefitted many students with a number of responses now resolved. 

See below for just a few of the changes made:

  • A student submitted their feedback explaining that the computers within their school were too slow. As a result, the Rep worked alongside the university to help resolve the idea for improvement by updating the workstations!
  • A student raised that there was a lack of research material in the library. Through submitting the feedback on Coursemate, additional eBooks were added to the library website, and further copies of books were ordered.
  • A student highlighted that registers were being handed out at the end of lectures, and as a consequence this was causing students to be late to their next lecture or seminar. As the feedback was submitted to Coursemate, it allowed for the Course Rep and Module Leader to investigate further and come to an agreement that the registers would be handed out earlier.

Coursemate enables you to make positive changes to improve both your experience and the experience of all students, so if you have any feedback, be sure to submit it today!

If you want to find out more about Coursemate or submit feedback surrounding your course, click here.