Elections Candidate Round-up

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Elections voting has now closed!

As per elections rule, find below the list of expenses incurred by all candidates in the February 2019 elections period. Remember, results will be announced tonight (27/02/19) at 7pm in Tower Bar.


The following complaints were received by the Returning Officer over the elections period. Any rulings can be appealed by the original complainant by emailing [email protected]

All appeals must be received in writing within five clear days of the ruling being given.


Date Nature of Complaint Action / Outcome
6th Feb Candidate had contacted Societies committee members stating they were running for the role and asking for manifesto ideas before campaigning begun. Upheld
19th Feb Use of tape instead of Blu Tac to hang posters causing damage to surfaces Upheld
19th Feb Misleading information - use of 'Officer elect' Upheld
19th Feb Candidate allegedly used Official SU email account to promote own campaign   Upheld
19th Feb Candidate was overheard 'Fat shaming' other students Not upheld
20th Feb Candidate was allegedly campaigning before being briefed Upheld
25th Feb Candidate was allegedly campaigning in an external Night Club venue, giving out free food to voters. The allegation was in relation to financial rules  Not upheld - pending appeal
26th Feb Candidate was allegedly telling students that they would get free food if they voted a certain way

Upheld -pending appeal