A budding student turned entrepreneur

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"It is important to have creative entrepreneurs who know how to think for themselves." - Deborah Meaden 

A UoL student's creative idea was recently successfully pitched at Swan's Den. Thomas Lock handled the heat of the Den, securing a grant of up to £5,000 to help grow his unique business, Fresh Play Ltd.

We asked Tom a few questions about his experience. 

How did you hear about the opportunity and what product did you pitch to the panel of experts? 

"I heard about Swan's Den through friends who also run a company that successfully pitched. 

Personally, I pitched my passion project; a video game that forms the flagship product for my games development company Fresh Play Ltd."

How did Swan's Den help you?

"The services offered by the SU for student enterprise are well thought out and far ranging. The workshops are of particular use and now being able to secure an investment to help with the launch of my company will be a huge help. 

Getting detailed feedback and being tested on the specifics of my business plan has been hugely valuable - I now have a clearer vision for my company and know where the pitfalls lie."

What would you say to other students who are considering pitching?

"I'd highly recommend it to other students! Experience in pitching is invaluable for every budding entrepreneur and if you're successful then you'll be able to take your idea further than you might've done out of your own pocket."

What do you plan to do now that the Swan's Den process is over? 

"My plans post Swan's Den are to keep working on the project and prepare for launch in late August. I've now got access to the resources needed to make the game the best it can be."

Swan's Den is an amazing opportunity offered by the University of Lincoln Students' Union in partnership with the University of Lincoln. It operates much like the famous Dragon's Den, offering a grant of up to £5,000 for student entrepreneurs to kick-start their business dreams. 

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