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A University of Lincoln Master’s student, Rhys Dickinson, is set to trek to Everest Base Camp in aid of Embrace Child Victims of Crime.

Rhys, who won the Pride of Lincoln Award at the We Are Lincoln Awards last year, will begin the three week trek on the 2nd November 2019 raising funds for Embrace CVOC.

Rhys suffered years of physical and sexual abuse as a child and was supported throughout this recovery by the charity, of who he now represents as a Board member.

The trek will feature in a new TV documentary which will follow Rhys’ journey as he takes on the ultimate challenge trekking to the highest point on earth with a group of Embrace charity fundraisers.

Here is what Rhys had to say:

“On November 2nd, I shall begin a challenge of a lifetime, I will be trekking 130km through the Himalayas to Mount Everest Basecamp reaching altitudes of 20,000ft, a trek that will test my endurance and determination like never before.

The trek will form part of a TV Documentary to air next year, following my journey from childhood abuse to the roof of the world in aid of Embrace Child Victims of Crime, a charity the Athletics and XC Team have raised thousands for over the past year. This is a cause very close to my heart as a child victim of physical and sexual abuse over many years, I know the pain and suffering endured by many child victims of crime and the mental scars it leaves you with for years if not decades after.

I lost confidence and was ashamed, I struggled with life, debating at many time’s if life was worth living but Embrace were there to support me and get me through the tough times and give me hope.

Now I hope to give others that same hope I found, by showing them that you really can achieve your dreams no matter the hurdles in front of you. While at Lincoln I’ve achieved a law degree and just completed a masters.

I hope to show with strength and determination you really can overcome any adversity you suffer and turn your life around in a positive way.

I would love your support in continuing my journey and all money raised goes directly to support child victims of crime.

Thank you to Lincoln SU and University of Lincoln Athletics for all their support in my journey so far.”

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