UoL hockey captain scores a hat trick image

Breesha, captain of your UoL hockey team, has smashed it so far this year. 


As well as, 1) tackling the third year of her Engineering degree and 2) taking on the role of hockey team captain, Breesha has recently been selected for the English Universities Ladies Hockey Squad. What an incredible achievement!

Having played hockey since she was 11, Breesha is no stranger to playing competitively. Now, she's taken it up a notch, seizing the opportunity to be trained by some amazing coaches in the English Universities Ladies Hockey Squad. 

A large amount of talented women also trialled to become a part of the squad, but your amazing UoL hockey captain made it through and could not quite believe it.

Unsurprisingly, Breesha is super happy and can't wait to get started - especially having ordered her kit which is, *quote* "fit af". 

We could keep showering praise on Breesha and thanking her for her amazing participation and leadership in the #WeAreLincoln community, but we thought we'd leave the UoL hockey team to do so: 


"Breesha works so hard in every aspect of her life, including being a fiercely loyal and wonderful friend and pillar of our little hockey community. Any free time she has she doesn't keep for herself. She is always on the run helping someone or doing something impressive. Having her around is truly inspiring." 


Keep being inspiring Breesha... #lifegoals

If you would like to find out more about your UoL hockey team, or how you can get more involved with sports and societies at Lincoln, click here.

Photo credits go to Chris Perry.